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ComiX Episode One!

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*Edit; wahay! Thank you so much for the daily fourth place guys! Newgrounds, everyone who watched this and voted in nicely, you're awesome!*

Hi everyone! Finally, ComiX episode one is officially finished! Overall this took 2 months ti create (well,with gaps, so it should really be 3 weeks).In this episode, Gordon and Ian get a visit from a detective, who is searching the vacinity for illegal activity. what's in stall for Gordon and Ian? Watch the episode to find out!

Also includes three bonus animations at the end! AAND, a special guest appears in this cartoon... someone you may actually know who you love and cherish... BLOCKHEAD! Hope you enjoy!

Keep Updated! o0 Will Ryan 0o



I have to admit, When i was going to watch this I didnt expect it to be any good, but it appears I was wrong.

The animation was smooth but it did get a bit awkward at times, The humor was just flawlessly went with the style of the animation.

Keep up the good work :3

diamond-armada responds:

lol glad ya liked it :P lol when I began making the cartoon I almost gave up on it because I didnt wanna go any further, but then I just made the script even more and gradually I started getting back into it :P


Deus Ex Machina much? Overal it was pretty entertaining. Good job.

diamond-armada responds:

lol didn't understand the first part, but glad ya liked it :)

pritty sick

thats why i love you so dont be afraide to show your true colours

diamond-armada responds:

lol glad ya liked it xP lol ye there was a bit of wierdness in their, but i guess thats what gave the cartoon a boost as well xP

That was quite enjoyable I might say my good sir!

The animation was well done and neatly animated although that one part where Gordan holds up the Lima beans was awkward with his arms. Anyways the story was well written and hilarious and it was nice to see Blockhead. Although it seemed like the story was rushed; for example, one moment you are at the store then in space with goofy and then back to the store, but overall the animation was awesome so I am looking forward to the 2nd installment.

diamond-armada responds:

lol the space bit was all part of the joke, it was meant to be off task and just plan random xP plus I wanted to put something based on kingdom hearts in the cartoon :) in terms of arms, well that's just the way I animate I guess :S

Anyway, glad ya liked it :P


You had some fairly good animation there, although I did notice a few arms behind where they should be, but nit-picking aside, I really enjoyed it. It's got some good humor I think, and the series as a whole definitely has potential. I'd try to slow down the pace of the cartoon a bit though, it seemed unnecessarily short if ya ask me. Anyway, once again, nice work. I look forward to future installments.


diamond-armada responds:

lol glad ya liked it :) Meh, that's just the way I animate, I can't really get may things right in terms of animating. besides that the pase is gonna stay the same, cus like I said it's just my way of animating, also the next episodes gonna be longer than the other :)

ps: Haven't bloody speaken to you in ages

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Mar 17, 2008
3:58 PM EDT
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