DKNH Pong 2.3.2

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I fixed some more bugs that were in earlier versions and made it so much easier for you to get more PONGcash. If you play on easy, it multiplies what you played up to by 8! On medium it multiplies by 11. Hard moltiplies 14 and extreme by 20. DKNH Pong 3 coming out soon! ENJOY!!


tired of pong.

game was ok at best... why for the love of all that is good in the world do people just make pong games? please stop...

Surprisingly average...

... for the amount of content in the game. There's ton of options to buy, but they all seemed cosmetic to me... the biggest difference was that some paddles had a bit of height to them, but the shape didn't really seem to affect the ball very much. For the cosmetic options, even if the game is incredibly basic, I'd have scored higher... except for the tons and tons of glitches. About half the balls ended up lodged either in a paddle or semi-offscreen, and once the ball ended up moving so fast I literally could not win or lose, I had to restart the game.

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welll its just basicly the same thing as the last one... i have notised no change i know you said that you fixed bugs but there was nothing epicly different....i think you should change more than just a few bugs to release a whole new game...other than it being the same game theres nothing to say .....well nice try


The fact that it is called DKNH Pong 2.3.2 make you expect lil bit more than a simple phong game with super basic graphic.

Feels fine.

Not as intence as I thought but I do love the different models to buy to play.

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3.37 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2008
9:57 PM EDT
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