Playmobile Adventures

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Yeah, this is not a "flash" , it's more like a movie but I figure that Knox's stuff is on here and evryone likes his stuff. This is my very first 'flash' submission on Newgrounds. This is very much inspired by Knox, and videos of that type. The quality might not be that great, but this is a genuinely stupid kinda funny that's still funny even after you watch it ten times, in the same exact spots.


lame, get a life.

How is this funny? this is more gay then two fags slaping there dicks together, then all of a sudden... it got shitier!!! WOOOOOOOAHHH!!!! man, that's so genius.. That's so hilarious.. WOW, i think I just shit my pants over how fucking cool and awesome sweet this movie was..

You get a 1 for a somewhat decent attempt at attemping to come out of the closent..


lawl that was hilarious

you need to work on your stop animation tho =P
try lookin at Knox's claymations, hes pretty good at it


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horse = pwnage

yea that horse is classic.

7/10 because you prob pissed that cat off.

funny characters and good storyline.

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patrick-3005 responds:

haha, actually he enjoyed being in the movie. he was super friendly after we made it, he obviously had fun. when i made the new one, he was bugging me again.

Good retarded

That was totally funny, but because was not a flash can't give any higher. But I would like to see more. Stop motion would help. Think robot chicken.

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Needs something more.

A valiant attempt, but some stop motion would have been a lot better. It's a lot of work, but you can do some pretty good stuff once you get the process down. Keep trying, and keep practicing.

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patrick-3005 responds:

i'll go for that next time, this one was about the humor in the fact that it was so cheesy and unprofessional.

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2.86 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2008
8:37 PM EDT
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