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Halo: Orions Spartans II

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Well here it is the second part to Clan Orions Spartans... Way too much time has been fondled over with this - As i promise, well a day late. Thanks to Everyone who made this possible. Unfortunatly... This will probably be my last working on the OS Animations. 1. I will be working on other projects 2. Our Clan is going through a small divide.

Enjoy the movie guys!

My Advice - Stick around for After The Credits! OR ELSE OU ARE GOING TO MISS THE ENDING

Seriously watch after it. You will see something important!

Also! Thanks For Everyones support! Including one guy who said he woke up everyday to see if it was on frontpage! Thanks guys!


Halo meets bad writting.

Was there any point to what I just saw? Some people have it in there heads that they can write a meaningfull story. Its like people who are tone def, and think they can sing. You just need to sit them down, and tell them its hopeless. I'm sure this was made with the thought that there is some larger, deep story going on that has yet to rear its ugly head, but I can already tell there is'nt. Not a good one anyways. The animation was bad. Most of the time everyone stood still and talked. When they did move it wasnt fluid at all. They were more like puppets on strings than anything. The sound....... oh my. All the backroung noises are already made for you from the game, and they were still bad. Voice overs where terrible, muffled, and that horrible Scottish accent. Have you no shame? I have an idea! Lets create a pointless flashback, so that we can elude to a dark past......... ooooooooooo."I've done my tour of duty, I'm not going back." So deep. This submission would have been better if it was just a action sequence without the "story". Animation needs to be worked on heavily, and when you record sounds dont hold the microphone right up against the speeker. Try not to sound like your eating the mic either when you do voice.

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2008
12:11 AM EDT