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'Geom 3D

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*To everyone complaining about graphics, this was made in Flash 8, before decent 3d was really possible, with a completely home-brew graphics engine. The reason why the graphics suck, is that my shitty high school code was unable to process more than about 400 polygons with shading, not that I didn't take the time to add decent textures :P

Dodge through levels and shoot enemies down to make the highscore. Remember that some enemies can shoot and follow you...

p to pause
a to jump
s to shoot
and the arrow keys to move

Hope you enjoy! (thanks for recommending to driving games)

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2 many tries

pretty simple

EXTREMELY addicting. Couldn't stop playing!

I thought it was good

I give props(:
I think it was fun lol

Disarray-yarrasiD responds:

thank ya :)

You can do better...

Put more effort here...
The car movements sucks, you die too easily, the jump is weird...
Add some detail, put less enemy, add health (why you must die in only 1 hit?) and remake the car movements, becouse the car is hard to control.

Disarray-yarrasiD responds:

If i ever bother to make some more flash games I'll keep it in mind lol. It didn't actually start off as a game but rather a test to see if I could program a workable 3d engine in Flash.


Huh?! oh I still got this on? I thought i was dreaming in Attari again. I know we all got to start somewhere but this is not a publishable game. it's not fun 3 seconds and i was soooo bored with it. you could have made the spaceship wayyyyy more detailed, made a arena or a track not just a circle to stay in, playability wasn't great. usic sucked [but thats most games). *needs a off button*]. sorry but this is the first zero i have given on new grounds

Disarray-yarrasiD responds:

There is an off button... its very big and right in the upper right hand corner :P

If you read the description you'd know that I actually couldn't make it more detailed :( The game was made in Flash 8 which doesn't have the support of any 3d libraries (thats limited to Flash 9 and above) so I literally had to code every shape by hand as a collection of vertices :/

Still don't you think a zero is a bit harsh? The game is 3 years old an I made it when I was 16 lol