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MouseMania DEMO

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Author Comments

This is a demo of a game I'm working on.
I would love any ideas and/or suggestions, if you
have any please leave a review.

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This is a demo of a game concept where you have something connected to the mouse cursor which eliminates objects as you move the cursor around. You could possibly make a nutsack themed game with this concept, if you are looking for funny ideas.

Maybe a classic touch

Why not add the pacman effect. Make the player have to avoid the red balls until a powerup is obtained then allow them to eliminate them.

good start

i'd suggest that you make it so the grey ball can't touch the red balls, have multiple levels where you have to survive a certain amount of time or hit a certain amount of red balls. finally, have unlockables. such as giving your ball spikes, turn your ball into a scythe or somethin', exchange the red balls with Bush heads (cause i'd really love to bash those), ect.

ball and cahin

Make it a ball and chain with a little man as the cursor, make him take damage if enemies, and maybe the ball touch him. make the red balls enemies. make a story mode with scrolling screen, environments (with walls, different levels, and destructible objects), various enemy types, etc. make it better animated, doesn;t need to be art but gory enemy deaths would be sweet (and blood splatter!).

maybe you could have it so it's swung only while holding down mouse button, and then released? and it behaves like in this version while holding down the button.

hope to see teh finished version.

Good Start

Ok the are some simple things you cn do to make this game better

There should be a ball that hurts you

A scoring system

a customizable mouse

a background change

good music

otherwise this is a great start