Snowy Winter Vacation!

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Submit to Skating Collection please! We know its not a skate film, but its snowboarding, which is like, skateboarding's... brother.

This was a project moro thought up about five days before he had to leave for winter vacation, so he asked the rest of the guys over at the SFC (Skate Flash Club) if they wanted to do something for the christmas collection, and Tommy, Mraw, and G-force were all like, sure, lets do it. But then because Moro had to leave, none of it could really happen so it got put off for a fair while, until I guess it just sort of popped up again. I think Tommy was the only one to actually have his part completed before christmas, so he definitely deserves some thanks... from you guys!

More seriously, some really amazing stuff was put into this small scale collaboration. Mraw, G-Force, and Tommy and I all had a lot of fun doing it, and from a technical standpoint, Tommy's is like, weekly feature quality. Though I hate singling people out. Mraw and G-Force both did amazing stuff as well.

We like what we've done, and we hope you do to, and thats all we've got to say.

-Moro, Mraw, Tommy, G-Force, and Lochie (who helped us with a piece of actionscript we needed for the menu)



Great animation

But it was way too short. I thought you were joking when it was over. But overall, it was awesome. I hope your game is coming along well.

MorrowDays responds:

hey cool, someone who reads our posts. yeah, we werent joking, it actually was over. :P


It was okay the animation was alright (especially the bit where he draws it on paper that was really good).

Bit random though...

MorrowDays responds:

I really dont get how snowboarding is random. seriously, its a sport... there isnt anything behind it.

Nothing special, it's okay.

It's a bunch of people snowboarding, what can I say?
The animation and art was all very well done, but it lacked much excitement or anything that really made me want to keep watching. Mostly just: "Oh look, he's snowboarding down a hill."

So really, great animation, but just kinda uninteresting.

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MorrowDays responds:

if I claimed it was an experimentation of modern art, would you appreciate it then?

Not my cup of tea.

However, you all are really good animators, so anything less than a five would be just rude *^-^*

MorrowDays responds:

I guess thats fair.


I agree with Rekyo, it was awesome animation, yet i thought that it was a bit short and it wasnt egsactly my sort of thing.

MorrowDays responds:

haha you said egsactly

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3.66 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2008
7:59 PM EDT
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