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Madness Combat: Short

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I seriously spent a month solid writing and perfecting this, so criticism please!

It's supposedly to be a joke. If you haven't seen the intro's to the early Madness Combat animations, watch them first.

Sprites by Krinkels and tasers. Shout out to Smiley-Bob.

Other audio clips used:

MC3 Loop track - MModule
Chicken Dance - DJ Birdy
Price Is Right


3 Hidden features, so enjoy!



And It makes sense! XD

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Tivaelydoc responds:

Yay! An intelligent person! Glad you liked it.

fairly bad

First off you get minus points for asking me to vote 5 in the flash which just makes me want to do it less. Second you accually didnt have any fighting which is what the madness series is all about. The animation was a good madness recreation though so you get plus points for that. One last thing: while you may have been stuck in 2007 the rest of us have moved on to 2008 so keep that in mind.

Tivaelydoc responds:

I guess you don't get the joke.

too short

and not very funny....I liked the chainsaw though!!!

Tivaelydoc responds:

Too short? Notice the title?


Kinda liked it. Animation was good i can believe you can make madness movies.

Kinda pointless but i ask, Why make a movie about da intro of da madness when you can be makin ya own madness movies.

Liked the three bonus things and i was happy they were easy to find.

Couldn't really find any messups in this to be honest except it was kinda draggin on and there were no unique things in it. Looks like you tried somewhat hard to do this.

Overall Score:3/5 6/10(I'm bein cruel to get ya to do a movie of your own) Nice job!!

Tivaelydoc responds:

Not pointless, it's a parody of the introductions done on the earlier Madness Combat animations.


You saying all these things madness doesn't have and then you say "Just mummy!"


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4.21 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2008
7:36 PM EDT
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