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I did this for a history project a few days ago. It's a fake advertisment for a loom. I had to make it school friendly, so I added people getting hit with pies insted of fists. That doesn't count as violence, right?
I got an A on it :D

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196.42 1/2?

Sure some easy payments for people.

Explaining 'how' it works made me laugh acting like he stole it!

5/5 9/10

LOL, 'twas great!

Good job! i <3 the part where u explain how it works. Now, how 'bout some more battles?


Good idea - very dangerious pie!

Hahaha...that was... haha... oh god my stomache!!!

That was #$%#ing hilarious, especially the pie part, then the whole .42 1/2 thing, GENIUS!! okay the puppet thing was good and I think its a good twist, so uh... Good Job!!!-

Better than expected!

Normally when people submit school projects they are very corny and/or not interesting and/or don't appeal to me much at all. This one was the exception! I laughed quite a bit at this animation. Despite you not being able to draw well and your aversion to lip syncing, you pulled this little bit off quite nicely. If your teacher didn't give you an A on this then they belong in an insane asylum! Nice work!!

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Mar 13, 2008
12:11 PM EDT
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