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This is my first of what will surely be many flash submissions to Newgrounds.

"The Paladin's Quest" itself is a fantasy action/adventure story I have written a couple years ago and really wanted to bring it to life through flash.

Of course, this is only a teaser. A trailer. A preview of what is soon to come. The Prelude (the first part of the actual story) will hit sometime mid- to late summer of this year.


Update (4/13/04)
Phew! It passed through the judgment. Thanks to all of you who write a thoughtful review. I'll keep what you wrote in mind as I'm working on the first episode (especially the voice acting).


Music credits:
"Come Alive" by Foo Fighters
"Show Me How To Live" by Audioslave

SoundFX credits:

Thanks to those who have volunteered their help at:
http://www.entertherealms .com

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Bravo for your first Flash!!!

I'll just state this to clear it up. I have read the story that this Flash is based off of and I know for a fact it has nothing to do with the other "Paladin" series. It's based off of the Yugioh creatures. No it's not some stupid card thing we're gonna see again. It's the actual creatures living out their own lives, which sounds pretty cool when you think about it.

The voice was a little loud, but I'm not gonna discredit you for that because this technically is your first Flash submission that really means something. You were just precautious is all. The voice could go a little deeper, but from looking at The Paladin Of White Dragon card it actually fits quite a bit. In the picture, the creature looks rather young and might have a little bit higher of a tone.

I liked the music choice at the end. Simple, yet very effective. In all honesty, I got goosebumps. NOT KIDDING!!!

Bottom line, you deserve a good score. It needs work, so I'll skip on the 10...sorry! Of course, I happen to know the work you poured in to the book version itself. Not to mention, trying to fit it all together as a Flash too. Hard work pays off and for a first Flash, I don't think you can expect that much better than this. Good artwork too! Adios! *poof*

sbigmang23 responds:

Thanks for the great review!

Wait... since when do rebels go *poof*?


Bold move, naming it "Paladin's Quest". The Paladin series is already well established here on Newgrounds, and there might be a few people who would take exeption to this. Just make sure it doesn't follow Paladin's storyline, or I and the rest of NG will own you with our collective Blamhammer.

Other than that, the animation looks sorta nice, but then again, I just finished watching some of the biggest S*** that was still in review, so this looks great compared to them.

If you REALLY want to score major points, I suggest that you use music from the NGAP. Or make your own, whichever works.

Good luck!

sbigmang23 responds:

I've watched that series you mentioned. Trust me. The similarities stop at the name. My story has nothing to do with zombies and the like.

Thank you for the great score and the advice! I'll definitely look into the Audio Portal.


that was high quality?


I agree with some of the others below you kind of need to work on the voice parts a bit but other than that it looks interesting. Can't wait to see the actual flash.

sbigmang23 responds:

Thank you! I'll make damn sure it won't disappoint.

not that you should change it but..

the title may cause some people to accuse you of ripping off a certain established, respected series already on ng. i hope the style and plot will make this distinct.

also, the voice acting could use some tweakage, but others have made that clear. so hurry up with that first episode!

sbigmang23 responds:

I've watched that series you mentioned. Trust me. The similarities stop at the name. My story has nothing to do with zombies and the like.

And thanks for pointing out the voice problem. I wanted to make it loud enough so I didn't have to use subtitles, but I guess I went a little overboard...

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3.20 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2008
12:38 AM EDT
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