Knights Castle

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Squire 5 Points

Begin the Game

A True Knight 100 Points

Finish the Game!

Author Comments

Knights Castle is a defence game where you must protect your castle at all cost from the waves of enemies using your Valiant Knight, slay them all! so you can go back to eating muffins and watching the footy, or whatever Knights in overly large castle these days do.

- 40 Waves
- 11 Spells

Arrow keys to move and space to slash sword.
S to bring up the skill window
spells you can either click on them or you can press ~ through to 9, remember first one on the left is the ~ which is the squiggly, its left on the number 1.

Right click to change quality

=EDIT= - Added pause button
- Buffed Angel Damage
- Fixed Pause Death Timer

Music -

Warefare in the Midst by Nipplesmaster
Winds of War by Medieval7



deffinatly fun.. but i found a thing that basicaly alows me to win preaty easliy, every time u hit pause it restets ur character back to a standing state, so right after u have attacked and delt the damage u can pause and unpause then then run away. also when u turn in to a pig u can pause and unpause and be back to the knight instead of wating like 3 seconds, still very fun


boring. needs more features

Not so good

It needs some heals for the castle, and some cavilry or extra men.

Constant Dodging needed...Kinda gets boring...

Good Things:
Graphic were really good.
Spell combonations and strategy was fun and challenging
Fast character
No Mana needed

Bad Things:
Weak sword
Lags near the end
Spells take too long to reload
Monsters HP Insane
Not enough health

Simple, yet repetitive. You have to slice and dice weak monsters. Harder monsters, you need spells.( Seems is more link Wizard's Castle, really.)
When you only have the monsters with the insane health, you have to get close, and have them chase you around the map, while you wait for Ball of God to charge.

The 3 Best Spells in the game are Greater Heal, Holy Armor, and Ball of God. Greater Heal(with lesser heal), is the only thing keeping you for constantly dieing. Holy Armor is good for when you have low health, or when you want to gather all the monsters together to blast them with Lightning/Meteor. Ball of God is the spell you MUST HAVE! The game would be nearly impossible, or insanly boring constantly luring monsters around the map.

Other good spells are Lightning/Meteor. Lightning and Meteor can be used in combonation, and is great to use together, wait for the cooldown to reload the spells, THEN hit the enemy with both of them. If you wait for the Lightning/Meteor Spells to reload before firing them, they'll be ready for next round, if you have to use them early. Remember, if you hit both of their numbers on the keyboard, you can use both AT THE SAME TIME when you click the space.

The Fire spells at the begining are usful for the weak monsters, but are nearly useless after round 25. Only Meteor, Satan's Touch, and Fire Angel are good spells. Satan's Touch is more versitile than God's Ball, since it goes both directions instead the direction you are facing, like God's Ball. the bad side is it's weaker.

Fire Angel is only worth using if you are waiting for the other higher spells to reload. If you could use it with Holy Armor(Gather then up, then blast them with Fire Angel), then it would be worth the point, but it isnt. It takes too long to load, it leaves you wide open while it attacks, and isnt much help if you die while it's attacking.

Other than that, the monsters simply have too much health. Way too much. If the spells were able to increase their power with the points, the game would be much easier. I give it a 3...

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Good but not that good.

The graphics and sound were exceptional, but the gameplay lacked. It was slow, boring, and the controls were a bit clumsy. It was fun to play for a short while, but never terribly exciting.

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Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2008
10:18 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler