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Knights Castle

rated 3.61 / 5 stars
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Action - Fighting - Brawler

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Mar 12, 2008 | 10:18 PM EDT

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Squire 5 Points Begin the Game
A True Knight 100 Points Finish the Game!

Author Comments

Knights Castle is a defence game where you must protect your castle at all cost from the waves of enemies using your Valiant Knight, slay them all! so you can go back to eating muffins and watching the footy, or whatever Knights in overly large castle these days do.

- 40 Waves
- 11 Spells

Arrow keys to move and space to slash sword.
S to bring up the skill window
spells you can either click on them or you can press ~ through to 9, remember first one on the left is the ~ which is the squiggly, its left on the number 1.

Right click to change quality

=EDIT= - Added pause button
- Buffed Angel Damage
- Fixed Pause Death Timer

Music -

Warefare in the Midst by Nipplesmaster
Winds of War by Medieval7



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

ok this was really cool

its and ok game need more stuff like items and diffrent weapons and stuff and maybe different levels

but ovreall it was a good game just sorta boring
i found a bug but i don remember what it is cause i had to leave and come back so sorry bout that

very big thing you need to make a save and load feature and maybe be able to customize a level or make ur own set of monsters or sumthing like that
also if you make another 1 put in alot of mroe spells and monsters and way more levels and maybe a multiplayer feature that would be sooooooo fun

how i beat the game is i went all healing it worked for me but later you MUST get the meteor and lighting and ball of god or you will get owned

one last tip SPAWN TImE IS GAYYYYY dont make it so long and maybe dont add it at all take it out


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

a little frustrating, but not impossible

This game has it's merits. It's easy to pick up, but takes a little bit of a trick to get through.

To beat it:
go the fireball route in the beginning. Get the kegs first as those don't require you go head to head against the guys to be TRULY effective. Try to get the meteor ASAP so you can take the wave with a bunch of transformation mages and that one big rock golem.
Once you got the Touch of Satan, the game gets a little easier. But save the touch of satan for the big bosses. The same goes for the lightning and ball of god when you get it. Save them on the crowds.
Sometimes, you'll find yourself facing several boss characters and have none of your powers loaded to face them with. The trick is to just dash up and down in front of them so they keep on swinging at you but missing while your spell recharges.

by the later levels, the keg, fireball, and firewall will be all but useless.

So, it was entertaining, but I get the feeling the game wasn't meant to be played this way. You need to allow the player improve on the knight himself or else by later stages he's just going to be running bait and you'll never see him swing a sword again.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

What the? Defense?

Good game, but you messed one thing up very badly. Just so everyone knows, the toll for death is 10 seconds on his grave. You can do no skills at all during this period. So lets say you have 5 of the death mammoth (?) riders left and you die fairly close to the castle, you might as well kiss the game goodbye. This is what happened to me, and I basically kamikaze'd thinking about your not quite accurate death toll description. Another badly implemented item is the castle's health. Are the castle and the itty bitty knight equal on health or something? That's outrageous! Balance much?

I also disliked the sword swing attack. He can't move at all during the animation. Could you either decrease the frames for this or allow him to move after he's connected? As is, it requires tactics such as with the bosses, which isn't bad. However it is very frustrating and stressful when the boss gets in a 50% hp hit just because your character refuses to move.

All in all a good minimal implementation of a defense game that takes time to get all the skills available, but not too much time.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Needs More too it

Well graphics music and basic gameplay were fine more could be done to make this fun. The controls were never really explained and neither were the different spells so my first time buying them i really didn't know what to expect. Next the game itself was difficult but not fun. Its important to have a challenge but there was no fun in this challenge. The amount of people you had to kill to level was a bit too much and the bosses didn't give enough exp. The most important thing that this game needs is more upgrades. The spells were alright but they weren't really that powerful and the recover time for each one was annoying. Maybe adding things like:
Ability to increase knights health
Increase knights power
Increase knights speed
Increase knights exp per kill
Buy different weapons for knight (this is a big one)
Adding turrets (archers, dragons, flames heck i dunno)
Increase Castle health
Maybe changing map every 10 lvls or so (just for a change of pace)
Multiple troops (make like 10 knights you can use at different times to make this more of a RTS game)

At the moment this was ok but it needs just more things to do to make it interesting or replayable. Good job think about adding more to this or your next game.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

what was that?

dude what a downer. the name makes it sound great but the game is not even worth saying im ready to play. i mean dude this is screaming for a redo. but the one good thing of this game is the music. id give you a 10 for the music but a 2 for the game play. that rounds it to a 0 but id give ya a 1.5 stare if they had it but you get a 2 instead. sorry bro but you better starte thinking harder on this kind of thing.