Death Row

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** Latest note... sadly Hector has been silenced. The pandora bot I was using for the prisoner chat has been exhausted and no longer responds. Sorry about that... it's hard coded into the game. Will try and replace it eventually...*

"Death Row" is basically a virtual pet "tamagotchi" equivalent, except your pet is a prisoner on death row. You have to try and reform him, get him healthy and improve his condition before he faces the electric chair.

Lots of little secrets and ways to help your prisoner it's not a huge game by any means but have some fun with it - the prisoner's AI results in some pretty random things happening.

To win the game you have to discover all 8 pieces of hidden evidence and email the governor for a pardon.

A few people have been asking about the artwork for the game - the icons , minigames and interface are mine, the wonderful character design and background artwork are done by my erstwhile colleague Tony Lowe , who also did the background arenas for Swords & Sandals II and is helping me with Swords & Sandals III as we speak. Brilliant art, Tone!

Cheers Oliver


i've saved him to here is my code 806014

I maxamized every thing and found the clues!

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i said fuck u to the prisoner and he said "why are you so mean?!"

the 2 cheats

find clue 1 and 2 1 is the window click around it 2 is the bed after u upgrade it then enter ollie29 and 100% everythin then enter ness28 and you get like $20,000

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newgroundsgold543 is telling the truth...you eneter the code in the clue section after you got the 2nd clue.first clue is under the bed 2nd in the window the other find it on your own

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Mar 12, 2008
9:28 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy