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FF7 - Still more dying

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FF7 parody - Enjoy.

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very funny XD


out of all the videos that i have seen here, this one takes the cake with the prize of most terrible! considering it was a 3 MB file, i thought it would last much longer than that given the poor quality of the video... this was short, pointless, and quite frankly a waste of time watching... i just hope your other "frankenflashes" aren't as terrible as this... so better luck next time, or even no next time at all. "still more dying"? maybe it should've been this flash that died

Daioh responds:

It was pun.
The song played is the boss battle music from FF7 called "still more fighting".
Don't judge the quality by the file size, someone could dump a 7MB song in and release it.

in all honesty...

it was k...you have potential ill give you that, you know how to animate and you can draw fairly well, just put some more thought into the animation part hm? the story is half the work and thats half of what gets you the points, go watch "the pen is mightier than the sword" on the front page, see how somthing so simple can be done with such grace and the fact is, its basic but beautiful eh, watch some vids and look for inspiration! good luck :D

Daioh responds:

A..helpful review, I didn't think I'd get any.


atleast its a little funny....

Daioh responds:

:D yay

If this is ever read.......

not quite sure if anyone will even read this review, but I do have to say that I was not much of a trooper in watching this. It was short, and not the good short, the short that I wish was shorter short. You seemed to use shapes with obtrusley thick lining instead of hand drawn medium to thin lining. Also, the sound and premise were weak. Hopefully future flashes we can see your real talent, not just some 3rd grade shape building skills. Hope you improve and will be happy to check out your new one.

Daioh responds:

That's my style, simple drawings, I'm not great at art.
Unless you'd rather see stickmen?