Twisted Minds Ep. 2

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Hello Newgrounds! Triple Elemental here, with the latest in the crazy Twisted Minds series: Episode 2!

This long awaited movie has a runtime of 8 minutes, and is definitely the best of the series so far. In it, Matt, Mike, and Mark go on a crazy game show, guest starring Chris Boe as the host. If you weren't aware, he played Sal in the Ark and Kerrigan movies, and is currently animating The Waterman Movie.

Anyways, enjoy the movie. It has been delayed for a very long time, so we hope it's worth it. It is our favorite for sure.

-Matt and Mike Alba

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Great work!

Dude, this was great! Some of the animation wasn't the best but the storyline and the humour made up for it! One thing I'd recommend on the drawing is shading/lighting, gives a nice effect. Overall, great work!

Triple-Elemental responds:

Thanks for the review man, glad you liked it! In TM3 we're (kind of) adding shading, not so much to the characters but the backgrounds i think should have a bit. Thanks again!


Very good. Though improvement is needed on a few parts.

The voices seemed out of place or like they were uncomfortable. (The old guy with the 12 year old voice.) You should work on your voices, like putting more feeling into it and whatnot, and giving parts to people who can do it the best.

Animation was good, though the characters seemed a bit stiff, like only one or two body parts were moving. Like the arms were only moving while they were skiing, while the legs, which should have been bended, looked like a wooden board.

There wasn't much music in the flash, which is a bad thing. Usually, there should be a background song playing which is loud enough to hear but not too loud so you can't hear the voices clearly.

Anything I missed.. someone else might get. Hope that helps you guys out some. =D

Triple-Elemental responds:

Thanks for the review, i agree with a lot of what you said.

For the voices; ya, we're not doing a very good job on the more adult characters, so we'll need to ask some others for help in the next one with older voices.

Character animation will definately be greatly improved in TM3, etc, we've already improved a great deal.

As for music, we'll try to cram in as much as we can without it getting weird or anything.

Thanks again,

Very Good again

like i said b4, it was pretty wiked! the animation was great aswell as the humor.
nicely done...

Triple-Elemental responds:

Thanks a lot! And thanks for taking the time to review again :)

pretty good

not bad infact i enjoyed it not something ide choose to watch over something else

Triple-Elemental responds:


Very good management of the controller.

I like animations with options, subtitles very good but quite pleased I talk a lot and there's not much action.

Triple-Elemental responds:

So...are you saying you want more action in the next one?

Thanks for the review!

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2.86 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2008
5:25 PM EDT
Comedy - Original