Sonic: M.S Strikes Back 2

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Yeah! Here it is! The second episode. Last time, our heroes barely escaped from the explosion, but now, Tails is in danger cuz he's gonna face Metal Sonic.

The intro song's Asterisk by Orange Range, from Bleach, and the ending song is Mr. Deja Vu by Naja, from Get Backers.

We worked hard on this one, hope you'll like it.
What else can we say? Just enjoy and leave comments, OK?

P.S.: For some reason, the intro song sounds kinda low, sorry.



Did Tails just... die?
that sucks but it was a great fight. i love to watch Tails kick ass *Tails Fan Boy* lol but great job

pure awsomeness

pure awsomeness


im a big tails,sonic and knuckles fan and i know knuckles wouldent go down that easily but good job 10/10

Almost forgot about this.

You guys improved. The animation is really good and the action sceens aren't that bad either; however, there are way too many teleporting moves or whatever you wanna call it. It wasn't as bad as DBZ, but still too many for my taste. Well I'm sure that the 3rd one will be even better, good luck on that one guys.

speedteirusu responds:

Thx a lot. Yeah, I got carried away, but Sonic and the rest are freakin fast, that's not teleporting, they're just so fast that they can't be seen

A man this is the shit

I think the tails fight scene wuz the best did u do that on purpose and r u a tails fan lik me . (TAILS RULZ) keep up the good work man

speedteirusu responds:

Yeah, I'm a big Tails fan, I got carried away with Tails fight, I put effort on it
Glad you liked it :D

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Mar 11, 2008
1:49 PM EDT
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