The Apprentice

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Climb the corporate ladder and prove to The Donald that you have what it takes to make it all the way to the top. Test your skills in variety of tasks involving advertising, manufacturing, commodities exchange, and the service industry. Apply your business savvy, avoid the dreaded boardroom and be the last one standing to become the next Apprentice.

Happy Gaming,
Legacy, Inc.



I quite enjoyed this little game. It had the multiple aspects that made the game challenging and interesting. As I played I felt the difficulty increased fairly and the target was low enough to allow mistakes, which is important. The addition of sauces and toppings made the final minute very complex, but nether the less exciting.

Graphics were okay too, although this type as such requires little animation. I suppose to make it look spectacular you could have created scoop animations or customers approaching and walking away satisfied or unsatisfied with the service. However it was colourful and in some places very accurate.

Adding "The Apprentice" is a nice touch but I don't think the title is brought enough into the game. Maybe an animated boardroom where your objective is given or your results are announced would have been a unique touch, and although this is short, it is deep and involving - a double scoop.

"I had no problem with the preloader"

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Buggy demo of advertisements

First your preloader doesn't work. After realizing that it won't actually change, I right click and hit play. Then I wait 15 seconds through an advertisement (or so I'm told, but it's just a blank screen). Then I play a crappy version of the numerous fast-food service games here. Except I get half the orders wrong because the order of the scoops matter, and how they're placed on the plate is opposite of my intuition (i could easily rotate the plate and have it be correct...). After one level, we're asked to buy the full version.

Not only is this just a bullshit advertisement to sell your full version, it's a SHITTY ad for your game! It's amazing what people will buy when you license the right brand names...

legacygames responds:

We are sorry that the pre-loader isnt working on your first try.
Can you try to reload/refresh the game and see if that solve the problem.

This is a test run for us to see how the ads integration working on our existing games. I will upload more recent games in the future.

sorry for the inconvenience,


Games alright a bit short though....The preloader was alright I just gave it
three minutes or four then it started
Maybe it could be improved......Maybe I need a better computer or something

nice gAME

the preloader its ok to me even everything


Please fix the loading in the beginning... I had to X the game and press play again after waiting 5 minutes for it to load... But the game play was quite intertaining but it was too short and theirs only one level. make more levels and make different types of difficulties.

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3.11 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2008
9:47 PM EDT
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