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Outlaw pt.1

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(** If you have trouble hearing the voices, turn the subtitles on in the main menu. The Demon's voice may sound a bit muffled. I like it though :) **)

I'm very proud to bring to you Outlaw Part 1. After countless hours of development, it's finally complete. It is over eight minutes from start finish, with a full set of extras. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. I documented the process as much as possible in the hopes that it might inspire other animators and give them a place to start. Extras include:

Story Board
Animation Process
Concept Art
Hand Drawing Tutorial

**also, forgot to mention - there's an easter-egg in the movie. Apparently no one has found it. I'll give a hint. It's in the saloon.**

**Ok, the easter egg is in the scene where the door opens as the mexican is gathering money. It's the plaque behind him. You have to pause the movie there manually though. Guess that was too hard fore everyone.**

So sit back and enjoy the tale of Brooks. For more information, check my user page. Oh, and leave reviews. I made this for you, the viewer, so let me know what you think. I won't respond to them all, but if the review is well thought out, and more than "it was good", there's a strong possibility I will.

(Side Note: If you Roll Over the top right of the movie, there is a Quality Button. This movie is very graphically intense, so you may want to try it on Medium. Also, this movie is best viewed without subtitles, but they're there just in case)

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Almost 11 years later, I still come to watch, and hope for a part 2.

A real classic, every few years I return to watch it one more time.

I love this. The last guy must be tasteless, because this is great.

this is your really score. Sorry.

Really nice

Man thats really awesome continue it!