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I decided to start a series of Newgrounds Tutorials.

This tutorial is on the BBS. It contains some basic knowledge that you should know if you plan on being a forum regular. It also explains each forum catergory. There is a table of contents.
Please submit this to the Newgrounds Parody collection.

Leave a review (it helps, seriously ^^).

Thanks. Have a good night, Newgrounds.

{Next tutorial: ???, gimme some ideas...}

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Tutorials get big reviews.

Well another one of these. I think this is a good place to end the night reviewing. I reviewed a shitload of your stuff again today.

The BBS - You know I would have fucking loved to see one of these flashes when I first joined Newgrounds. I had no clue what the forums were and the only time that I spent on Newgrounds was watching and reviewing movies/games. If I would have saw one of these flashes than perhaps I would have well over 10,000 posts by now. D:

General - The most popular? Yeah I guess you are right for the most part. I of course don't like the general as much because it's full of a lot of idiots. I like to stay in other forums. You might want to update this or maybe not..., but they don't talk about video games there anymore. :D

Where Is/How To Forums - By far my favorite forum there is. I'm all about the stats like you already know and this place has all of the lists for the top members statistically. I still say I'm going to be the first audio reviewer to 10,000 reviews. >:] Alright, probably not, but I'm going to be up there somewhere.

Flash Forum - A lot of this stuff is a little outdated now isn't it? I think it's 3.5 BA, but perhaps I'm wrong. It's not your fault though that the flash is older. I use to visit the flash forums more frequently. As soon as I get a computer that has a working mic. I will probably visit it more often looking for flash artists who need voice actors and/or writers.

Politics - Meh, it's kind of boring there in my opinion. I haven't really seen a good debate there... ever :(

Programming Forums - Happens to be the only forum that I haven't ever posted in. I've also made a topic in all of the forums except for this one and the flash forum.

Clubs and Crews Forums - This is the forum that I remember looking at a little before any other forum and I didn't like it because the threads were too long. It's now a great place. Even though my once alive ghost club is dead. :( No pun intended.

Audio Forums - A nice place for voice actors to go to would be a nice thing to add here.

Art - I got my first topic delete here for posting a photoshopped picture. D: Perhaps mention something like the pictures can be bigger here?

NG News - lul, plain and simple.

Network News - Why do we even have this? One topic is there and it's completely dead. It needs to be used more often or gotten rid of.

P-Bot's Postings - Hmm have you ever noticed that a lot of nubs post here for the first time? It's like there way to ease into the forums.

Trolls and Flamers - You gave the best advice possible here. Just completely ignore them.
Mods - Lol they don't always keep things fun.. not some of them at least.. Anyway also lol at this list being outdated too.

Bans - The only thing I can think of is give more examples or perhaps a link to the forum rules here?

Wrapping it up - That's what she said. =P I think the biggest thing about this flash is that it needs a link to the rules. Something that isn't read very often by new users.

Sispri responds:

Thank you soooo much for this review omgomgomg!!! I am going to individually respond to all your reviews now.

For starters, yeah the character was shaky and the gameplay laggy. But you gotta cut me some slack on the scripting of the .clipEvents. The music WAS indeed superior and Andrew W.K. is without doubt awesome. But I digress as this was a mere BETA test. In the future I hope to release even more unique stuff like this. Perhaps this time with a lovable character such as a talking pumpkin.

I really hope this game gets sponsored. I could really use some money for gas. Otherwise I'll have to get a job and there goes my right-side creativity. Baw well.
Thanks again though. I will continue to improve with my journey in the wonderful world of Flash.

I'm sorry.

This was too awful for words. People know what the forums are for. People know what moderators are. Only a complete noob of the internet and Life would NOT know anything in this article, and it doesn't teach anything at all. "Flamers and Trolls are looking around for a fight" is probably the only useful sentence in this thing. It's all too short and looks like it was scrapped in a hurry.

Next time, elaborate more on Memes, how the general population are idiots, how to manipulate them, how to tell a bull shit story from the truth, etc. This tutorial was not helpful at all. If I was a newbie to newgrounds, which is the general 'audience' for this flash, I would not have benefited at all from this.

Sispri responds:

Hence the tutorial. Not for regulars. Meant for noobs.

Useful, for certain.

It gets points from ts functon to the site, and it provides useful information to those who have not known yet. Like the music, but it doesn't loop perfectly.

Good job, you.

Sispri responds:

Alright thanks

This would have helped...

i saw somethin like this on my old account but this one is alot better and could help a lot of people new to Newgrounds.

Sispri responds:


see this would be good if.....

most of is wasent already in the rules...

Sispri responds:

But how many people actually read the rules?...