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NG Tutorials: Reviews

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Author Comments

I decided to start a series of Newgrounds Tutorials.

This tutorial is on Reviews and the do's and don't of them. It also covers abusive reviews and stuff. There is a table of contents in this one as suggested. Yes I know the pics are of bad quality so bare with me.

Please submit this to the Newgrounds Parody collection.

Leave a review (it helps, seriously ^^).

Thanks. Have a good night, Newgrounds.

{Next tutorial: BBS}

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Seeing as how I review a lot and already am pretty good at it I decided to watch this to see if there is some way I could improve on it and maybe get a few lulz on the way through. I liked the implementation of buttons to seemlessly flow through the areas and the layout design was ok in my opinion but there isn't much snazzing up you can do to make it look better.

I can not say this enough but having the option to click on the screen and enlarge the review space images was very helpful and it was a must on some of the smaller blurry ones. This and the animated background was a nice change of pace from the usual blank or one color backgrounds you see on most tutorials like this. The music also helps to make it less boring and you had a nice choice of music instead of something that loops too fast or gets annoying.

Overall I think you did a great job on this. The only thing I would suggest doing is adding a link to the review moderators list in the faq.

Nice submission = long review.

I loved this submission man. This was probably one of your better submissions. I really liked the Tank animation in the background and the fact that the background was moving. It helped get rid of the boring repetitive backgrounds. You had a lot of sections so I'm going to review each section.

How to write a review - I loved that you pointed out to people to actually right a review by telling them what was good, what was bad, and telling them how and what they could improve on instead of using the generic youtube comment of "it was good". You added a nice section of things that they should review when reviewing a submission. I usually review plot, graphics, concept, style of animation, audio, and story. Something that I really don't review is effort, but I do put it in consideration when choosing my score.

What not to do - Lol, the picture wasn't of the best quality, but the example review that you gave was pretty funny. Good job on warning them that a ban would be coming in the case of a review like this. I like the fact that you put in that you are allowed to say that a submission was gay or dumb, but it isn't abusive as long as you give them constructive criticism. I think this is something a lot of people need to learn.

Telling the difference between an abusive review and a non-abusive review - Hm, as the review you showed wasn't the most helpful, it wasn't anywhere near being abusive. I like how you had the choice of clicking the picture to make it bigger. The second review was obviously abusive. =P

Why was the second one abusive? - Again, this is information that a lot of people on Newgrounds don't understand. They think just because they helped out a little that the review isn't abusive.

How to get the Deity Whistle - A nice addition to the flash. I thought it was going to be about how you should write reviews, but you covered a lot in this.

Further help on reviews - Lol, ask you? Didn't you come to me a lot for help in the review system? Nice that you added some mod names, but you should have added more.

Sispri responds:

Thank you soooo much for this review omgomgomg!!! I am going to individually respond to all your reviews now.

For starters, yeah the character was shaky and the gameplay laggy. But you gotta cut me some slack on the scripting of the .clipEvents. The music WAS indeed superior and Andrew W.K. is without doubt awesome. But I digress as this was a mere BETA test. In the future I hope to release even more unique stuff like this. Perhaps this time with a lovable character such as a talking pumpkin.

I really hope this game gets sponsored. I could really use some money for gas. Otherwise I'll have to get a job and there goes my right-side creativity. Baw well.
Thanks again though. I will continue to improve with my journey in the wonderful world of Flash.

Newgrounds needs more of these.

I've been lurking around NG for some time, and I've seen some pretty bad reviews, ranging from not helpful to just downright horrible. We need more people to see tutorials like this. In fact, it should be mandatory for people signing up to watch at least one tutorial like this one.

The only problem I saw with the video itself was the stage size; everything felt a little cramped in places. There were several parts were the text was almost right on the edge. Another 50-100 pixels to the overall stage size would probably help make it look better.

Sispri responds:

Ok thanks.


I've always given such nice AND useful reviews! But sadly, many users review any movie saying: "It was funny! lololol I'm giving you 10" or "YOU SUCK! MOD******R!" But making a tutorial like this is, actually, very useful! The visuals of this tutorial could have been better, but since this has complete and useful information, I'm giving you a good score! =)

Note: I'm checking your other tutorials!

Sispri responds:



it was good...the end

lol jk, i do however beleive that this was good, and helpful

Sispri responds:

well thank you very much.