WeRBopBop #4

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Disco Cool and Ninja BopBop throw a very fun party! And Pussycat BopBop gets screwed like a dead goat!

Thanks for watching, Newgrounds!

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Boy, was that insane! It seems like you top yourself in every episode. I mean, it's pure insanity from beginning to end. I had no idea it would be a birthday party. The concept of those always seemed strange. A person knows it's their birthday.

How can they be surprised? The animation is great. I especially like seeing all these wonderfully bright colors. The #1 thing he mentioned had peeing in it. I was disappointed the next one wasn't poop related.

seems the robot is Forever Alone.

This show is funny.

nothing more to say other than its a funny show.


poor robot has no balls


All these episodes are hilarious they need to be a lot longer with the pace and sense of timing but the quality of animation is great the storylines and plots fairly good but needs improvement but the ideas need more time to be thought of.