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I've been learning Flash for a couple days now on my own and I finally learned how to make buttons which I used for this maze. I know it's not the best, not original, but give it a fair score.

AVMaze V.2 will have:

- Music
- Better graphics
- Award system (Maybe)
- Easter eggs
- Custom cursor
- Moving traps (I hope...)
- Better buttons (Mostly hit boxes)
- More levels
- Fix some bugs
- Better checkpoints

If anyone is advanced with games please help me out and maybe give me some useful codes for the game. :)

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it's good!

This game is so good to play. I just wonder how good AVMaze 2 will be like.

AVSciuto responds:

Thanks man, I might put screenshots on my userpage.

well its a start

i hope you do will on futur flashes, heres a numba 10 and a numba five... and a cookie


It's a pretty simple and entertaining game
Altough cheating is an issue....
Altough it is rather annoying where you just spent ages doing something then you have to start over,
Even though i got a checkpoint after failing 3 times it reset to level 1....

AVSciuto responds:

Yea, need to work on checkpoints and the cheating.


disable right click cheat

not too bad for first flash, but choppily made and unoriginal

AVSciuto responds:

I'll try to improve, thanks.


But good, interesting levels, basic graphics, almost no sound, needs music, other games like this are unoriginal, but this one is worth 7.

AVSciuto responds:

Wow, thanks! I'm trying to make it a bit original I have tons of ideas to make this maze game into something worth playing.

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Mar 10, 2008
8:26 AM EDT
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