Kogamaru VS Igamaru

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Okay, so this is my very first Flash animation!

This was my final project in my Introduction to Animation class, and I hope to make many more (and better) Flash animations in the future. The project guidelines were 10-30 seconds of animation with a maximum of 45 including title and credits. So before anyone says, "It's too short," just try to keep that under advisement. I already know it's short. ^.^

I did end up using the maximum length allowed, so it runs for about 45 seconds and loops back to the beginning. I recorded and enhanced the brief narration that sets the stage using Adobe Soundbooth. Sounds effects were all acquired from FlashKit.


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Its s'ok

Well for a first....its a start,but just like you music,im sure youll get better :3

ChronoNomad responds:

Heh, thanks! I kind of doubt it since I don't really have the time to play around in Flash with everything else I do, but one can never tell...

Fellow WOL Flash guy

I to had Intro to Animation, and had the same time constraints (although in a different section) for the 30 second reel. I have to say I watched every other of my class mates work and I have to say YOURS owned all of them. It was a tight squeeze I am sure, having only a couple weeks to complete, while trying to learn the ropes... That class was difficult. Well done ChronoNomad. The only reason I didn't give the full score was because I couldn't see the swords clashing, bloodletting and I was slightly saddened, although I know in the future this Sagi <wink> will continue!

P.S: If you get a chance please watch mine as well, I'll try to upload it later today!

ChronoNomad responds:

Wow, I'm happy to rock the 9, Wolfnine! Especially since it's your signature number! Thanks a million!

Yes, the class did seem to sort of condense about six months of learning and classwork into a short little two month time span. Not to mention 30 seconds simply isn't enough time for some serious swordplay action!

Nice little "Sagi" reference there, too, Wolfnine. I'll be getting back to him and his world as soon as I can, believe me. I also checked out your animation project and left you a review, so check it out! Peace!

-_-; was expecting more

ok let me do this systematicly...
Animation: didn't do much besides show them draw their swords and running at each other and even this short bit felt kinda clunky.
Sound: was good and the voice at the beginning got me preped up and ready to see some action.
Storyline: I was ready to see two guys with swords drawn slice and dice each other up in this massive 1 on 1 battle the voice at the beginning set us up but the ending totally let me down :,(
Artwork: not the best i've ever seen but certainly not bad either, this is going to one of the factors that raise the stars for me becuase i understand that not everyone can make something look FR33KN @W$OM3.
Overall: you set up the tee and steped up to bat but somehow still managed to miss... next time you are going to do an epic showdown of two guys about to cleave each other in two.. for the love of all that you hold sacred PLEASE FINISH IT!!

ChronoNomad responds:

Well, this is just my first go at it, after all. I'm hoping to bring more of a "wow factor" to future animations, but since this was for my college course there were just too many considerations that hurt the overall production. Max 30 second animation, only two weeks to work on it...it is what it is. :P

I also purposefully left the truth of who died a mystery to promote discussion in class. It really worked, and there's nothing wrong with leaving people wanting a little more is there? ;) Some people even toyed with the idea that they both killed each other...

On the bright side, I hope to add more depth to future animations. I would have loved for this to be more frame-by-frame as opposed to vector-based, but animating with just a mouse is something of a detriment.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your review. I appreciate your honesty, and I hope you'll give my future animations the same kind of feedback.


Who won? I MUST know.

ChronoNomad responds:

I'm really glad you like it, and I'd love to tell you now, but...

You'll have to wait to find out who lived - and who didn't - in a future animation!

ok i guess

animation was ok but the movie was very anticlimactic

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4.29 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2008
10:12 PM EDT
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