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Présentation de La France

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Mar 9, 2008 | 2:51 PM EDT

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Dear peoples of the world,

Last year, school assignment for English was to do a presentation on a country, including a "creative assignment". For whatever obscure reason, we chose France and this was said creative assignment.

It has been created with animation program "Moho", rather that Flash, which is why it took me a year to post it here: I could not find a decent software to convert it to an swf. Unfortunately, that is also the reason why it's still a profanely large file.

- Enjoyzordz!

Also, due to the converting with a program other than flash because that wouldn't do it, I can't seem to put a preloader before the animation. Once again this might actually be due to me being too dumb. If somebody, though, knows of a cheap as free solution/way to convert a .wmv of .avi file to a .swf file, then please tell me. I need it 'cause I'm finding it horrible to have to post such a giant file.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


allons enfant de la patrie
le jour de gloire est arrive

parole d'un francais


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm sure everyone in the class got a chuckle!

The lack of a preloader/play button was a little annoying, but understandable given your explanation above. I'd definitely suggest you submit stuff rather than worrying about it too much.

The whole thing was pretty simple. The way you tweened the head in time to the syllables worked well and made him seem kinda alive despite no mouth movement.

I did find it kinda jarring when the clipart tourist came along - just because of the different visual style, it immediately made the whole thing feel a bit sloppy to me. Maybe you could've drawn a similar limbless tourist to play the part?

The 'beautiful planet' sequence was kinda charming.

The forgetful bits were vaguely amusing, but the voice acting could have better reflected someone grasping for thoughts.

I enjoyed it a bit overall - there's a few things that could be improved to make it more entertaining on NG, but it had a good vibe.

I'm sure everyone in the class got a chuckle!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not Bad

It wasn't too bad, the voice and talking was pretty easy to hear and very clear although in parts it seemed to go off a little on the accent, so maybe try to keep it more constant all the way through. The humour was pretty good in parts too, though some of it a little odd, would have been better if some bits did follow with the accent.

The graphics and animation where okay, though some of the photos had a border that should have been removed on them and fitting them in better might have helped. The quality seemed a bit poor too, but other than that it seemed pretty good on a whole.



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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I really enjoyed it, great little "ad" for france.

The graphics weren't very intricate but it didn't need to be. But what was there, it was great. Like you said before the conversion wasn't the greatest, but it was still good.

The sound was good, really like how you played around with your french accent, over using the word beautiful etc, brought a lot of humour to the field.

The overall content of the movie was good, clever script, like how you seemed not to really know much of what was in France at all, very funny.

Overall a great movie, hope ya did well with it. Great job

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Not a bad little representation of France here! It was pretty interesting, and I especially liked that you animated it without the use of flash. That must have taken some time. I got a nice little lesson out of it; both geography and language :P If you can, convert more of your files! I'd have no objection to seeing more of them. Once again, good work here.

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