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Abstract Flash!

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Far too short.

A few squares and rectangles moved and changed colours, well it wasn't very eventful and I don't normally like these kind of movies, but even for one of these type of movies it was poor as it was just far too short, it was about 15-20 seconds long, if you were going to do this you should have made it much longer and you should have done it to the whole song. The song started before you pressed play, you should have set it up so that it played as soon as the movie starts after you press play. Also perhaps you should have used a different song, as I found the song that you used really annoying, it was in time for the very start of the movie but after that it wasn't perfectly in time to the action.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



That was pretty kewl. I mean, it is a good concept, and you have some skill @ flash it seems. But it was too short for me. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem in flash. But when nothing happens anyway, it probably needs to be longer? I dunno...
And you didn't need the music. Or, if you wanted music, maybe choose something a bit more abstract to match the visuals. Rap is not a very abstract form of music. Even if you had an instrumental version of the same song, that would've worked too. But well anyway, I dunno if you want to do anymore on this. I think you should. It does look like it was something you just knocked out, which is fine, but with those sorts of things they become much better with some tweaking.

that was abstract

but a stoner could have made this

unless you were stoned when you made this, its crap

Abstract? Yes. Archaic? YES!

This is interesting, but nowhere near as good as abstract Flash that was to come. If someone likes this, they should really check out CaptainMarmalade's "untitled" series if they haven't already, as this looks incredibly dated and simple (which, given that it's from 2000, it is) in comparison. Decent, but obsolete given how fancy Flash is now. For some added fun though, check out how the Beastie Boys' "Body Movin'" (the sweet remix by Fatboy Slim that still sounds sexy after all these years) sounds when layered on top of itself with the replays, it's an unexpected fun bonus!


just plain evil...

Credits & Info

2.32 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2000
1:40 PM EDT