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Brawl is here!

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The wait is over. After two long delays that seemed to last an eternity, the greatest game to ever grace the Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, is finally here. This little film is about the game's release, through the eyes of a young lad. It took me about a week to make. Hope you enjoy it and please vote fairly. Oh, and look for the Easter Egg in the credits. :)

That being said.......


(My FC is 0860-2911-1162, btw.)

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I remember watching this brand new in the front page and it still makes me smile. When he says it's the best day ever, really love the graphics you put in. Really cheery video.

OH SNAP, KID GOT RAN OVER BY A BUS WTF DAMN THE BEST DAY EVER TURNED INTO HIS WORST DAY EVER POOR KID. Wow nice movie thx:) and I love spongebob:) nice background music.Remember kids always look both ways before crossing the street, just because its your best day ever doesnt make you immune to speeding busses :) lol

It the best day ev and then he got ran over the bus lololololololololol

My lil bro laughs when he gets ran over. :)

LOL. The only reason why it lost 0.5 stars was because blood does NOT belong in Rated E vids.