The 2 do list part:1

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this is a quick movie with one of the weekly audio portal winners. I hope you enjoy this took me 2 weeks to make... i don't mind spending more time to fix it. thanks again.
A group of assassins that plays a killing game called the 2 do list.


subtitle problem fixed...

im not very proud of this one >.<



lol, pure shape tweens only?? and some more graphics

Fatal-X-Valor responds:



subtitels are a bit hard to read becouse they are just 1-2 sec long
but it looks good :D

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Fatal-X-Valor responds:

in the next one it will have a remake of part 1 but it will also have part 2 : subtitle problem will be addressed


I liked it but like you said its hard drawing with a mouse and everyone can see that!

Ok for the most part

The storyline wasn't to bad... Though in your Author's Comments, you say that it's a group was playing a killing game called "The 2 Do List". I didn't get that he was playing a killing "game" from the animation. I just thought he was some assassin being given an assignment.

The whole Super Saiyan thing surprised me, but that had me more convinced that it was an assassin on assignment.

The drawings could be better, but to tell the truth, if I was trying to draw something using a mouse, it'd probably look just like that.

Fatal-X-Valor responds:

it started off as a assassin movie but i didn't think that would fit so i changed it :D

thnx for understanding..... it is hard drawing with a mouse

good but it could've been better

i rated this 6/10 it was an interesting story line , but the drawnings were crap but anyway im shure youll do better on your second one . good work

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2.79 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2008
10:25 AM EST