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Olympus Burger! Part 1/2

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EDIT: Wow! Thank you for frontpage, Tom & Everyone! I'm happy to see OB doing so well! Thanks for all the kind words, I've responded to many reviews and read them all!

__ http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/428928

Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Apollo and Hades work at the fast-food chain Olympus Burger under the slightly-watchful eye of the assistant manager and college dropout Craig.

This is the pilot episode of Olympus Burger, and all of us at Moving Box Studios are hoping to find a TV Network to pick it up (keeping our fingers crossed for Adult Swim).

The Fight Scene was animated in After Effects, so sorry for the slight compression. The rest of the show was all Flash.

Began in the spring of 2006, Olympus Burger started as a two-man operation, and grew to a cast and crew of almost 20.

Winner of OurStage.com's Viewer's Choice Animation award for June 2007, now Olympus Burger is on Newgrounds with it's first ever All-Flash release! It had to go under some slight editing to fit NG's 10MB limit, so those who have seen the video version will notice slight improvements and editing changes in the Flash version.

Hope you enjoy!

Produced by: Moving Box Studios -- www.movingbox.tv


Holy f'n crap i cant stop laughing

I like it cuz not only was it really f'n funny but the idea of gods in a burger shack is great cuz its original

Fresh and interesting.

I love how this starts out with this amazingly animated opening sequence with what feels like an hand-drawn pen and ink style. Nice character design along with fitting voice acting. Everything just fits and feels like it should be the way it is. Good sense of humor and a great sense of direction from scene to scene.

For an almost professional feel you have earned a near perfect score. The only thing holding back a 10 out of 10 is the awkwardly floating cash registers, but that's nothing much at all. I'd love to see a series of these.

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Great antics!

Everything about this flash seemed to have been done right. When a flash has a good story with a lot of comedy and a lot of originality, then it's something that really deserves to be recognized. I'm keeping the review shorter than my others because you clearly don't need the help from me with a perfect score!

Graphics/Animation: 10
Everything was great because of one thing: details. All of the details in this flash were done perfectly and even though everything was drawn in a I guess and MTV cartoon sort of style, it all worked out to be very entertaining. All of the backgrounds were so well detailed, amazing! The only problem I had throughout the movie was the character movement. They seemed very stiff in their actions, but I can't act for much more when everything else seemed so perfect.

Audio: 10
The voice acting was extremely well done in this movie. The lip syncing was great, but of course there were a couple of times where it just seemed a little off, but again, I can't pinpoint everything. Everything was also very clear, which is amazing, especially nowadays when audio is so incredibly important to flash movies. You did great here!

Humor: 10
The idea of using the Greek gods working in a burger chain is really funny in itself. You had me really cracking up from the first scene when I saw the people lying dead all over the floors. Then the part where everyone was a hippie, and just everything was hilarious...I couldn't ask for much more humor than you gave here.

Originality: 10
This is an easy 10. Greek gods in a fast food chain. Done deal.

Overall: 10/10
Unfortunately for me my review style really didn't work for you because everything was a perfect score and there wasn't much for you to be able to change or improve on. All I can ask is that you come out with more like this! Great work! I'm off to see the second installment!

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Hades lol

I think he kinda sounded like the Monarch, off of the Venture brothers lol.
really funny, 5/5!


apollo is a hippie lol

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Mar 7, 2008
6:52 PM EST
Comedy - Original