Orange Rhymes

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*EDIT* WTF? i submitted this like a month ago... and it's on front page now. I guess all i have to say to that is... thanks tom!

After working on the "Shorts to Wear Pants To" collaboration and using that style i used for the "Renegade Muffin" music video, I am very happy to say that I think I found my style. At least, I really love the result and have loads of fun animating.

As for this piece. I started working on it at school when i had free time and finished it when I came back home on the same day. I just animated the credits today. SO this can be consider a one day made movie.

I'm planning on making more movies this style. But as we all know, nothing is ever completely certain when it comes to projects. So many thing's going on.

i named it "Orange Rhymes" because its sort of double meaning, there is the fact that nothing rhymes with orange, and i plan on making this a series of short stories sort of like "Nursery Rhymes". i know nothing RHymes in my short movies, but thats kind of what brings you back with "Nothing Rhymes with Orange" anyways.

Anyways, as short as it is, I considered it pretty enjoyable. I hope the same goes for you.


P.S. If this movie doesn't contain any video game references, and you just don't happen to have the ability of watching a flash movie on newgrounds without having anythign to do what so ever with some kind of video game. go to the following link to see a more "average newgrounds user" version of this movie for laughs :P


*EDIT* People keep complaining about the length of this animation. i don't understand what more this needs, it's just a short little sketch, it's works well on it's own. There shouldn't be any excess in anything one has. Give everything the time it needs to tell it's story. this will grow into a series of short orange themed sketches anyway, so length shouldn't be an issue. it's like a big collection of small gags.



that was funny that he got what was coming to him

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Good heavens, Hans, leave some space for all us!

You're rapidly becoming amazing at this, and taking up all the room in the talent wagon.

Stop getting better before you leave all us behind.

This was excellent. A fantastic original cartoon short with a BEAUTIFUL style (submit this to Sundance and a ton of other film festivals- now).

Nothing laugh out loud hilarious, but funny, amusing, and, most of all, pretty intelligent. I love the deeper themes here.

Also, I got a good chuckle out of the "NG Fanboy VG Version".

Keep up the good work and KEEP ANIMATING.


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AlmightyHans responds:

thanks man, means a lot to me. but i don' think this is sundance material XD

yeah i wasn't going for the humor direction that you get reviews from the annoying little kids that tend to respond something along the lines of:


for that reason i directed them to the NG VG Fanboy version.

FInally, yes, i will keep up the work as much i can.


Short and SWEET!

Even if this only took you a couple days, it's still a great little scenario, funny as hell, and I liked the art. Poetic justice, y'all. Karma. Good job.

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Oh my god haha

lol nice i like it

Haha lol!

I don't think i've ever enjoyed a video this short! it was good short and REALLY FUNNY:D! great movie dude

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4.21 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2008
6:50 PM EST
Comedy - Original