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Awesome Episodes #22

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A robot (Transformer?) lazer light disco, who would have thought of something like that. Very good, and for the style the music fitted greatly, and the clip was good, I think a bit of loading at the beggining but it was clear in no time.




hahah, funny.

loop on and on and on on on on on... real unique stuff man, props.

Number ... 22.. ok here we go again...

Umm... Don't you think the rating for this is a little over shooting? Oh wait I forgot you just did that to all the other 10-30 second loops you just submitted.

This one though accualy had a catchy tune(if not original) and the graphsics were ok(even it was just switching the same animation). So I am giving it a 1 instead of a 0. I look at it this way... you could do good stuff? Why are you making this junk?


I do not understand how something this blatantly bad makes it onto this site. All you have done in every video is take a scene, loop it and put music to it. No originality and the worse part about this is it took 7 of you guys to create it.