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[K3] Annihilate the KK

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Mar 6, 2008 | 7:00 PM EST

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Author Comments

Join the cause!
Annoyed by their spam? wanna blam them once and for all?
lets start cleaning NG's portal and leave it without any clutter!
Well these are the Co-authors and will be edited till further notice:




Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

bad advertising man

I am with you in the group and I gotta say, not impressed man, not impressed

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

this is rocky13579's 2nd account

Now, to answer that response...

NO ONE CAN BLAM THE FLASH YOU IDIOT! Don't you think people ALREADY do that? THis sorrry excuse for flash does not change jack shit. Creating a group to blam something isn't getting MORE, you simply make yourself a big target for gay porn spam. The Shades Gang, which I am a part of, had officially announced that we hated the Kitty Krew. A "certain member" of the KK tha I will not disclose for reasons of respect ( I understand where he is coming from, as I was a part of a KK sub-group at one point for the hell of it.), had attacked the Shades Gang forums with pictures of goatse (wiki it) and meatspin (wiki it).

You say that you will achieve success, but you don't even have a good name! K3? Thats the KKK dumbass! The AKK had, AND STILL HAS, it better off than you. They are well known, have GREAT FLASH ARTISTS, and more than just the inevitable "Blam this!". The AKK KNOWS that KK stuff cannot be blammed, except by giving them a taste of their own medicine, which, again, I wil not tell for I know why the KK does what they do. The AKK creates hate flash, which is usually funny, cool, or a combonation of the two. Having dancing penises will not get you any respect in the "I hate the KK" groups.

On another note, why are you SO stuck up on taking them down? Is your life REALLY that bad? That you have to correct injustice of what you don't believe is good or right? This isn't Death Note, its life. So get one. The KK just spam, so let them spam! Who cares! Sure, make a good 0 review so they don't get any UotDs, but I mean, really. Spam is only kind of annoying. Just see the KK as free blam points! The crap will stay up and no one can change that.

So, in conclusion,
1. Forget about Blamming the KK stuff. It's already being done by every lucky bastard that finds it on judgement for a free blam.
2. Get good flash artists to make hate flash.
3. Don't be an ass just because someone doesn't believe in your ideals. On your forum, you immediatly called us dicks. Good job.
4. Gimp the penises.
5. Calm down, and see if you REALLY hate the KK. It may just be that you want to point out every flaw you see. That's a type of nerd. The kind of nerd that finds something that's dumb, or pointless, or"ghey", and feel they must be a fucking superhero and save the day with their adolescene cursing skills.

With something to think about,
-Rocky13579, aka TikiShades of the Shades Gang.


P.S. - Make a post on your NG account to talk about this. I am always up for a good debate. (I got this message copied on Word incase this gets removed by M-Bot)

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

be the one

i understand ur hatred towards the kk but u should be fighting them by producing owning a JohnnyUtah and create a interesting series like tankmen(personally my fav) i believe u got potential :D


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The symbolz...

It's call Fill.... Nobody who has ever tried to bringz us down had the skillz... U givin up so easily shows that u r weak and that no anti anthing will work.. cuz it gay...

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

this makes no sense..

the cause that ur fighting is portal spam, and u want to win this fight by submitting more spam on the portal? there is no win in this situation at all

4L74IR responds:

FUCK YOU ^^ and .....and.......