zombies...thats it...

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well...its big...but it has gore...chep special effects...and some zombie humor...and this time around it has sound...hurray.hey my mom liked it!


very nice abstract style

i liked it.your right it was short.i liked the masked guy.good use of shadowing for the characters.liked the zomnbie layouts.and the mass zombie horde.keep it up.try incorporating more of a story into it.

Those poor zombies...

...,so many tried, but none got any human for dinner. I almost felt sorry for them - maybe they were ment to be the good guys, and the humans were ment to be the bad killing PZYCHOZ! I don't think much of these superhuman vs. deadmeat battles, although this was an average one.
The file size was to big - there must be some way to cut it down. Most people dont want to wait for such a big file, unless it's rated 4,5/5 or higher.


i love the fact that you cant really draw THAT well, but it doesnt stop you from making a sweet non-stick movie with great animation... keep up the good work!!!

You Know...

..stop listening to your mom!

no seriously!


some guy said: slick animation,and a good frame rate.
slick animation? dude the blood got stuck in a big ball on his foot! and half the zombie also went on his foot, there was blood still in the air, and good frame rate? MY ASS. it was slower than my dead fukin grandma and i got a pentium 4. oh and that wasn't frame by frame. And the graphics were shit, u stare at the main guy for about 2 mins and its a real shit drawing with glitches and lines going over each other. But u got potential, good luck! funny drive scene.

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2.76 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2002
12:04 AM EST