WeRBopBop #3

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Mistress BopBop is really f*kn miserable. Luckily she gets laid!! Thanks for watching, Newgrounds! Hope you're enjoying our new series.

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Apparently, BopBop are the names of these weird things. They live in BopBop Land or something? I didn't like this as much as the first two. It was a lot more confusing. You just introduce this new character who wants to make everyone miserable. Well, I guess it didn't make much sense to begin with.

I'm actually kind of glad she found true love with the ninja. He's just called the ninja, right? Dang, there's too much porn in this side bar. There's not even that much in the actual cartoon. It's certainly porn with plot.

this was so funny

all she needed was so good loving hahaha


The quality of animation is still great it is truly a messed up little kids show it's like a follower of RAB great show the storyline REALLY needs to be a bit improved and the pace and sense of timing is propaply the biggest thing to improve on.

"XD" lol

dude ive said it one and i'll say it again this is funny stuff.
only twisted minds like ours can think up stuff like this.


The mistress character was crazy as hell in this episode well actually this episode period was crazy as hell especially when she blew up the disco kid's ass,overall this episode made the series even crazier than expected but i loved it oh so much,great job.