iron stick tournament.ep1

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the audio went bad...don't know why,but still try to enjoy the first part of it. part two of episode i will soon be out. watch,vote,rate,leave comments, but most importantly enjoy the movie as much as possible. :-)



very good, how did you make it?
on flash or pivot?

threassance responds:

with flash :D

Very cool.

Well all the tests led to a fun, well drawn and overall entertaining flash. You did a great job, it was like watching a stick version of DBZ or something. Any way great job dude and keep it up =)

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threassance responds:

yeah thanks alot, you're awesome. i've got somethingnew out. it's called kraft, so incase you wanna see it.

not bad

It's good (I've seen better) I can tell you worked really hard on this...but sticks have kinda been run into the ground. GREAT start for flash, though! Sticks are great for learning how to use flash, but once you get good, stop the sticks (sorry it took me a few days to get to this, I havn't been on for a couple weeks) Look forward to the next! Keep up the good work!

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threassance responds:

thanks man i'll try to keep up working hard to keep u guys entertained as long as i can.

very nice

its like dragonball z and stickman collab, i like it! the sound could be cleaner as u know, but other then that it was great, cant wait to see episode 2!

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threassance responds:

thanks. i thank everyone for the comments and support,u guys are the best, and,the secret being great animators (if i ever become one). but still,reading ur reviews,make wanna pull more stuff out for ya. and i will just stay turn to this series, u'll all be amazed by the story. i wrote it, and if things go well it might even latter have it's own characters at the end..so.....thanks and stay turn guys (all of ya).

really good dude.

Nicely done but maybe you should put some effort into making your own characters instead of stickmen when your done with this series.

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threassance responds:

you know i thought about what you said and then decided to make my stick figures look somewhat differend. so now i'm working on new project called kraft, episode one ready and posted check it out. and by the way thanks.

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2.97 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2008
8:09 AM EST
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