From Life to Death

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Edit: Well I'm off frontpage, it was a good run, thanks for your support!

Edit: Frontpage? Wow! I really didn't expect this, Thanks Whichever admin put this up here! Also please recommend for Serious Shorts.

Edit2: Added a bit of stuff to the file, not to much though, fixed up some animation and added some more, enjoy.

This movie I made in about two days, I hope that everyone can take this flash seriously. If you are expecting something funny from this, just don't bother watching. This is a serious flash, filled with emotional depth.

Thanks to PianoForte for his inspiring piece of music, Cobalt Blue Sphere.

Hope you enjoy my animation. I respond to all reviews!

- Paul Dempsey


Just. Wow....

That was really quite something. The artwork works well for the theme and it leaves quite a haunting effect...

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thanks, hopefully it wasn't morbid?


This is an very meaningful flash. It made me think, unlike other videos that have a quick joke and then you forget about it. I especially like the way that you had the main character ask his dad to play baseball and is shunned, and he has to do the same thing to his own kid. Very good job for only two days.

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you got something from this... I hope this sustains somewhere in people's hearts for a while... in a good way.

Thanks for the review and vote!


If I commit suicide, it's your fault.

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ReklessCreati0n responds:

Haha, my next flash is going to be about how you shouldn't commit Suicide! haha wow...

Thanks for the review!

Meaningless lifes have meaning.

History repeats itself and goes on in a never ending cycle. This flash embodies that.

Perfect in anyway.

*In Other Words: Nuff sed.*

ReklessCreati0n responds:

haha yup, Thanks for the review and Vote!

i believe

i believe taht is the typical life of a man but there are a few details in life like friends more family but overall u captured the rite influence on our lives tho good job oh and more alot less than 90% of stuff are crap also that guy/girl is prob someone in there fifties llokin for younger poeple oh yea good job

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Yeah, only about 30% of the stuff on newgrounds is complete crap, then the other 60% is great animation, but still unmoral. Then there is the 10% that is moral and good animation/story...

thanks for the comment and review!

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Mar 6, 2008
5:35 AM EST
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