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Chon's Boxes

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Author Comments

This is a fun game, a little bit bored on the first levels but after level 15 it becames funny, I hope you enjoy it this was my first flash game.

Vote 5 for it!

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Nice Job!

This was a good game. It is even became a great series on its own. Hope you keep this up.

Not bad ....but

i kinda enjoyed it.The graphics were acceptable and the puzzles were decent.The lava stuff was annoying but it was good as it was challenging. Needs improvement on the music as it was the same. I was also hoping for smoother gameplay . And well the maps were all the same. Try different maps like ice blocks for ice maps and stuff. Still , i enjoyed it . A 8/10

Rapt responds:

O wow thanks, yeah I agree with you on those points, wait for the sequel I'm sure you will like it! (Well not sure but I hope so :P)

Good game

It was a good game, the graphics were decent, and the puzzles were enjoyable - I played until level 25, the lava stuff killed me eventually, and I didn't get the password, I wish it showed that password at the gameover screen instead of having it between completed stages, I think that's one thing that might be nice to modify.

The other thing that would be nice to add - to help polish the good baseline gameplay - is smoother movement motion. I understand that this is a game where things move in "tiles" so to speak, but it would be nice to simulate the motion of the character and boxes from one tile to another instead of having the pieces on the screen "pop" from one spot to the next.

Good game overall, lots of potential.


Rapt responds:

Thanks dude, your comments remember me why of the movements, the game engine was done in one night, so I decide to make like this in order to avoid several animations.

We are working on a sequel wich consider this and some other things that this game should have. I didn't update this one because it's on flash 6 and I really don't remember very mucho of it when I watch the code I say "why did I make this, and what does that means?...", so better a secuel.

The password thing... well you are right it should be on game over screen, but the pass stores on a variable so, you can press continue and the last password would be there.

Thanks again


That game was really addicting!
I just couldent stop playing it (until level 20)
I voted 5/5 ofc
And I will give you 9/10 stars.
But first time I played I dident think of remembering level code, but I did remember the code for when you need to start activating buttons...
Anyway, I really liked it, but maby next time, try to put more time in drawing or something... I dident rly mind, but it would make the game look much better

Rapt responds:

O wow! thanks this is more than I spect for this game :D...

Yes I know that the graphics are realy bad, we are currently working on a sequel (currently on desing phase) and there is a lot of graphics :D... hope I win that 10 from you next time.

Thank a lot!

Not too bad...

This wasn't too bad. It would've been nice if there was no game over screen. Only happened twice, but it was kind of annoying. If there's a password to mark the last stage a player's been to, then it's sort of dumb to not allow the player as many retries as he wants. I got to level 29 before I got bored. It would've been nice to have seen more than one element in the same stage, like ice and buttons.

The music wasn't too bad. I burned through the stages pretty quickly, but I was glad that it changed after every few stages. Graphics were okay, but could've been better... I would definitely like to see some textures on the tiles.

I've also seen a game like this years ago--it was a game I had on my graphing calculator, which had the same elements you used. Although you may have come up with the puzzles yourself, you based this flash off of an existing game; perhaps you should credit the original game?

Rapt responds:

There is only one trouble, I really don't know which was the first game, In deed I inspire in Lolo Adventures from Hal on NES, but some people told me that there was something before that on Master System, but some others told me that there was an atari game like this :|... so... it is too hard to know

But I think that every game like this saids it is original XD... so that I make the same thing LOL!

Thanks for your comments

upss I forgot, game over screen is due to top10 :( but it is only available on my website or in hallpass

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2008
1:08 AM EST