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Drunken Masters

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Special thanks to Luis, BoM and Coaly for hooking me up with my first monthly prize- you guys are awesome!

So before you get started, there are some things that you'll probably need to know...

First- this game is fucking huge. There are lots of things that you can do. It only takes a few minutes to pick up the basics, but really learning all the tricks and moves is gonna take you a while. If you're looking for something mindless to kill a few minutes, this probably isn't a good time to play. Come back when you're well rested.

Second- the tutorial levels are there to help you. They're part of the game. You should really play the tutorial levels.

Third- This game can lag like a motherfucker on older machines. Either download it, or change the graphics settings in the Pause menu.
(Press shift while the game's playing. On the Pause menu, roll over "Configure" and click "Performance")

Finally- This game is set up to provide a fast-paced, high-action experience. Some of the steps a real bartender would take were removed to keep the pace up. Please remember that if you're going to serve a Martini, you should ALWAYS stir it with ice before straining it into a cocktail glass.

Thanks to TurboGames, the musicians, and the Voice Actors. Thanks to Onecoolgamefreak for doing some last-minute bug hunting. And thanks for fuckin playing!

***BUG NOTICE: The "Unbreakable" cheat has been known to cause playability issues. Use it at your own risk (or better yet, don't use it at all)

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get drunk

Played this game a decade ago, always picked judge.

I now dress in western wear and am a career bartender, real shit. Still tell people about this game from time to time. Coming back, this amount of design is modern indie game levels of production! Thought the art & music seemed professional back in the day. Honestly if you ever made a re-fined modern version of this, I'd buy it on steam for sure.
Need to play through the whole damn thing one of these days!

I remember loving and playing the shit out of this game years ago but now I can't really enjoy it because my mouse cursor isn't showing and it makes playing near impossible. Is it a bug?

Edit: nvm after switching from the NG launcher to chrome the mouse cursor is back. Still and AMAZING game!!

Ohhhhhhhh i remember this game as if it was yesterday. This fucking game. Blew my mind the first time I played and the BGM is top notch. Im gonna come back an play it from time to time because I just logged into NG to check again and remembered this gem of a game.

SS rated, i got so many memories seeing it's still here.

JohnnySedona responds:

Love ya buddy

If I had to sell someone on newgrounds with just one game, this is probably the one I'd show them.

I do have to mention two pretty major things, though:
1) The sodagun's hitbox is too big - I can't tell you how many times I've had the gun and a bottle pouring into the same glass, then tried to move the bottle but accidentally took the sodagun despite my mouse not even being over it.
2) The combo points you get for balance transfers is too far out of proportion from everything else, it's really the only thing worth doing in VS mode.

JohnnySedona responds:

1 - You're 100% right. I always just attributed it to my sloppy play style, but that hit box is enormous - it should definitely be smaller when pouring. Good catch.

2 - Agreed, balance transfers are overpowered. They're really tricky for beginning players - and even for me, whenever I haven't played in a while - which was probably my thought process behind making the points so ridiculous. VS mode doesn't really scale well in general - if I were to ever build a new version of the game, that'd have to be replaced by something less tedious.

Really stoked that Drunken Masters is still getting play, and I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for playing!