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Starcraft Flash RPG

rated 4.21 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Mar 4, 2008 | 8:15 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place March 5, 2008

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Author Comments

After 5 months of work and more than 12k lines of code written.. here comes StarCraft Flash RPG!
Level up one of the most famous characters, buy new units and upgrades, fight hordes of enemys,
but finally, meet and kill a new ultimate Zerg creation!
Features: about 5-10 hours of playtime, save / load game, autosave after every won battle, quests, npcs etc..

Warning: This game is hard. Just don't give up after first loose..
(If you still die alot, reduce difficulty to "low", but remember "hard" is the best)

Instructions: After starting a new game, click on your hero (in the middle of the screen) and turn "selection lock" to ON, so you can click anywhere to move.
Your first step should be to go to Barracks and buy medic or firebat.
After that, just go out of the city and enjoy watching how your squad kills some zergs.

You gain experiances, minerals and gas in battles or by doing quests.
Spend them in Barracks, Factory, Shop, Spaceport or Laboratory.

Remember: This is not an action game! Just sit and enjoy the show :-)
Not all locations are accessible, this is because of the 10 MB limit.

check out some screenshots at

Comments & critique welcomed.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

love it but needs work,

/*list of suggestions at bottom*\

I loved this game, couple of suggestions though,, make the scv a placeable unit and have 2 special spots (8 spots total) for healing units. another thing would be to have the zerg go by placements cause i know a ling can't attack from long distance. kinda kills the game play cause of that. also, i sent u an email so if your wondering there is a connection :P i use this user name allot. Another thing is that you don't have the vulture in this game. It's a great unit although idk how you would work in the spider mines. a nice addition would be more findable units (like the ghost in the back of the disco pub it's on the left side of the band for any ppl that are playing the game)

here are my suggestions in a list for easy access,
1. make scv placeable unit.
2. add 2 healer specific spots(8 spots total)
3. make the zerg use special placement rules, lings aren't long distance.
4. add in vulter's and possibly spidermines.
5. more rescuable units

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maciik responds:

thx for suggestions, my opinion on them:
1. scv is way too weak to take out 1 unit slot.
2. why healer specific? you can place whatever unit wherever you want.
3. so you can face only 2 zerglings?? long distance applies only for sige tanks.
4. vultures are cool when you have good micro and mines, but I can't imagine how to add those mines.
5. yes


Rated 5 / 5 stars


great job on the game i love it i'm already up there i was just wondering where do u get crystal and what about the stargate and plz send me a msg saying when u plan on doing the next version it's fun i'm currently using the main is front with 2 medics behind him and i got 2 seige tanks behind him, he has a 22 attack and lvl 12-13 i can buy almost anything i have 2k trying to get enough to get the dropship then is there any special place u can go with a dropship?

great game hope u make another version msg me about it.
btw i have SC and SC2(the espansion) so i know alot fo about starcraft.


maciik responds:

I'm working on an update, but it won't be completed soon.
Banshee is just to make traveling faster.
I have already expalined all about the crystal, just check other reviews.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

ok ........

the game kind hard but i have to say its good u should make gainig resorces a bit easyer lol


Rated 5 / 5 stars

selling/changing squad

i can't seem to change my squad, cant sell any units, or swap them, what should i do to sell them?
for the rest it's a great game

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maciik responds:

Check the buttons next to map.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

love it

i love the game but the bosses are too easy with an emp and a defencive matrix on ur hero in slot 1. the boss in the cave was really easy but took me about 3 mins... all i needed were the hero, 2 medics, a marine and a tank in seige mode, with the target in the direct centre of the enemies side (hits all non-air units :D) and a fully upgraded science vessle. i found it odd that i could kill him multipul times... i accidentally walked where he was after i killed him and had to fight him again. i tried going to the only protoss ship wreck i could find but i just ran into a group of enemies, no crystal :*(. also whats with the ultralisk on the elevated area south of the tunnels, i seen and killed it but it was weak, and i couldnt even find anyone that told me to kill it. other then that yay for the game but got boring kinda fast (its a flash game so who cares about the boring fast part :D they all get boring fast)

maciik responds:

Some people find it hard and some easy..
Check other reviews for info about the Crystal, I have explained everything.
This ultralisk you have found is just a random enemy group.
I suggest to you to switch to "high" difficulty before you load your save.
enjoy :)