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Mar 4, 2008 | 7:21 AM EST

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Here are some facts about pollution in a ever changing environment, Enjoy.

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krato u just suck and dats about it... but i like your skills. I wanna start learning flash so to your recomandation i registered here

nice but really irrelevant


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Overall this movie does covey some important points across, i think the world needs to help to get rid of poverty, and pointless weapons cost too much to justify.

However Global Warming on the other hand is based on poor scientific knowledge and CO2 absorbs radiation but higher levels of carbon dioxide does not affect the amount of radiation (short and long wave length) any more than lower levels. Correlation of rising tempertaure and carbon dioxide is flawed as in many areas of ice core data shows that temperature rises years before carbon dioxide levels.
You/Tube the global warming swindle

Greenpeace are to blame for scaremongering people, whereas many climatologists attempt to show the errors of thier pre judgemental attitude to global warming.

BTW Al Gore is a politician not a scientist, we know how much politicians are known for telling the whole truth (if you get what i mean)

kr8to responds:

yea. Lol i get what u mean with good ol' AL


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Not sure how to put it but...

1. The background is an endless loop, and it's not even that well done.

2. Not all of your facts are even remotely accurate to both present data and all of what is going on.

3. Everything you're listing is marginally adding on yearly, there are noticeable changes, but nothing as drammatic as you're making it sound. This is nothing more than a very simple "emotional appeal" commercial with almost no true central routes. If you insist on doing this, list both the ups and downs society is doing and make it more focussed on the viewer to chip in through the hole length. In addition to this, providing easily varifiable sources of research.

4. Make sure to cover your back on your statements. Here are some counter statements.

A. Most factories are now being FORCED to take more economic actions. For example, nuclear facilities MUST store the excess components in special tanks filled with still water for the mathematical equivalent of the minimal necessary half-life in order to prevent contamination. THEN the components are recycled, as is the now safe water. The pods, as far as I know, are then reused later on for the next batch of contaminated components.

B. The use of many pesticides are now being outlawed, and even replaced with safer, better, and cheaper variants proven to affect the environment less. It's not a complete halt, but it's better than what we had.

C. All that we've done at the moment has only increased the temperature 1 degree. Argueably that's a big deal, but nothing in comparison to what is really going on. Natural global warming is the Earth's orbetting cycle changing slightly as we circle around the sun. Our current biggest worries would be the super volcano in Yellow Stone that would do about the same amount of damage as the meteor that's also comming towards us. The volcano could go off any second now, to hundreds of years from now, whereas the meteor wont hit for a few years. Scientists are currently more occupied with the meteor. As far as I know, NASA is intending to send a rocket to divert it so as to avoid creating a meteor shower. Either way, it shows your points can easily be derailed with common and easy to find facts. I just watched the discovery channel to learn all of that for about an hour.

Ambrose Merle

P.S. I could have kept going mind you, those were not the only easy to prove/disprove statements.

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kr8to responds:

well thank you ambro?


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If you're going to make it a text narrative, make the art look at least semi-decent. This wasn't very effective because it looked so boring.

kr8to responds: