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This is a little something I put together using Movie Maker. My purpose of making this flash is because not much people know about the game Little Fighter 2 mainly is because Little Fighter 2 dosent have any ads at all. To know more about little fighter read my posts at http://bladedestruc.newgr ounds.com. After you've watched this movie, you're proberly wondering if I stole this movie because thoughout the movie there is a logo of moyea software. I have a theory for that, its because I used the company-Moyea Software to convert my Movie Maker movie into a flash(.swf). It also has has the word: 'Sunder Produtions" its a new system I made for all the flashes I made so that 1. Its wont get stolen read my poll for my other reason. Hope you enjoy it, and please play the game.
***NOTE*** some screen shots are like so 1850 because I made them that way so that it look like as if it was a memory of what has happened.

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O God

Man, i kno u meen well but how will THAT tell pplz about LF2? Ur relli givin a bad impression on its name......


Know many more will know about little fighter 2 :)


LF2 is a great game, but your trailer is really lame, so you wont motivate people to play the game, there have to be animations!


This is little more than music playing in the background with pictures poping up on the screen.
The animation was very slideshow in style, which in mypersonal opinion is a bad thing.
The music is ok but thats the only sound in it.
And to top everything off there are better ways of making something look it was from the past than making it so blurry noone can even tell what it was supossed to be a picture of.

not a movie

as some people said, this would be better posted on youtube,
it's not a movie at all, and as you said yourself it's just a video you made, and converted it to flash.

i like LF2 myself, playing firen all the time (someone may want to contact me and challenge me ^^)

but instead of voting zeros and 1's i try to vote fair on this.
"nothing new or interessing" seems to fit best,
simply because pretty much all the pictures are ripped of from the LF2 homepage.

the music was good, actually was the best in this.

graphics, well i dont get the idea of the "past" look you tried to make.
what was your idea for this flash project?
make a tribute? then why use such effects that makes people not see the actual game
or did you want to make an enjoyable flash? then it's the lack of plot that ruins this.

if you want to get a usefull hint out of this comment:
decide on what your flash should express,
and then focus on just that, and don't ruin it with special effects like some movie guys use to.

i hope you don't get me wrong, i give you 3/10 for trying, and make a somehow good movie, but for newgrounds, i cannot give you more than 3.

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Mar 4, 2008
2:02 AM EST
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