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Phoenix Wright: Crack For All

This is the ultimate collaboration of Rina-chan and Billy Monks.

I really hope you Newgrounds folk enjoy this, because I made this for you. This came from the heart/penis.

Thanks for the daily 3rd.

Press left to rewind and right to fast forward, if you want to rewatch certain parts and you don't feel like watching the whole thing. Sorry about the large file size, but it's almost 10 minutes long, so give me a break.


Well that was...peculiar

For a phoenix wright parody seeing a parody that parodys the actual game is a nice breath of fresh air/ As stupid as the humor is and over use of the objection joke it's enjoyable.

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dont mean to.but

this was way to random

catbrush responds:

I didn't realize there was a threshhold.

Didn't even smirk.

Often excellent writing can boost performance energy, or strong acting can make mediocre material sizzle and pop. Unfortunately, both fell short. A combination of drawn out gags with no substance and voice acting that was bland and lacked believability made this almost painful to watch.

The nice thing about making a string of gags with no point is that if a few don't work, you can slide in and out of them very quickly and the audience will generally forgive you if the next joke is funny. You can't get away with that when the pacing drags you through the dirt like this. Approaching 10 minutes is way too long for this type of animation.

And you could easily cut it in half by taking out all the jokes that fall flat on it's face, for instance the business card typos near the very beginning. It's not funny to me, and to hear Phoenix's obnoxiously energetic, bad stand-up comedian, 'yuk yuk' voice rub that joke into my face for a good 20 seconds was insulting.

Now granted, no voice actor could have made that wordy mess of faux wit go by quickly, so I will move on to the biggest problem; writing! There's really no other way to say it. The majority jokes wern't funny, and the ones that were were so far buried into a sea of obnoxious dialogue that I didn't want to laugh at that point. The only thing you can do in a situation like that is cut the fat that doesn't work and try something else, or give it to someone else to see if they can do better.

And I really recommend the second one. Rina-chan, you're voice acting is passable professionally, which is like pure stardom in the newgrounds community. There's definete talent...as a voice actor. However, upon watching this and seeing your other skits, comedy writing is not an ability of yours.

catbrush responds:

Thanks for the review, it seems very well thought out.


I'm sorry, but i just didn't like this particular 'toon. I mean, sure, it makes oh-so-obvious sightings of many Internet Memes and topics, but the only thing that truly turned me off, and i may get bombarded by a whole crapload of fangirls because of this, but the "Yaoi factor" is just...well...i guess you can say forced on (no pun intended), and i am not saying this just because i'm straight or anything, but i just don't have a liking for Yaoi, but i do have friends who are gay and like that stuff, but...eh, just not me. Sorry. ^^;

catbrush responds:


this flash went on forever and i let it run to the end bc i heaerd there was a jitterin dic in it and its not even the real jitterin dic u decompiled it from my jetto ninjin part!!!!!!!! omg u stole my dic:O

&i sent you a friend request on fb a few years ago and u declined it i hope u die mrchocobo

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3.94 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2008
3:32 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 3rd Place March 4, 2008