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Mancannon Pach1nko Horror

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the bungie weely update from 22/2/08 mentioned a Mancannon Pach1nko Horror and i really couldn't help myself, this has the cheif and sarge replaced by a couple of anonymous soldiors, but hey, its still pretty much the same thing. just sit in the chair, relax, and fire the other guy at a wall so you can watch him tumble down.

controls are simple, select target with the 1 2 or 3 buttons and press the space bar to fire him at the wall.

also, sorry you can't have complete control over where to shoot him but im not that good at that kind of thing and i have the feeling it would go waaaaay over the 10mb limit anyway.

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a game?

this really isn't too much of a game...just a selection of which movie you want to watch. there really isn't too much of a point to it, either. this is a good concept for a game, however...i think if there were more spots to fire at, the falling was random, and you set point values for each prong on the board you hit, it would make a pretty fun game.

raven9892002 responds:

that still may happen in the future, we'll just have to wait and see (except for the ramdom falling part, thats still beyond me)


thats awsome it riminds me of "Garry's Mod" ragdoll physics

raven9892002 responds:

really? wow i gotta go get that for more fun times.

Plinko!! :)

That was pretty cool... It reminds me of Plinko from The Price Is Right... Maybe make 5 spots to shoot at and then let the falling be random/natural... That would be pretty cool... Keep up the great work!! :)

---Peace Out and MCL,
---Ghetto Joe

raven9892002 responds:

origionally the ragdoll physics are natural, but i don't know how to translate that out of the program i made it with. so i get to aim him where-ever i want and watch him fly and tumble but the rest of the world only gets a small taste of my pure joy

3D animation Or Real Life Filming???

Thats just awesome. I'm not sure if its done for real or just animation. Its just looks like its has been done for real but i have doubts. Damn its confusing

raven9892002 responds:

it's animation, and i had a damn good time doing it

waste of time

this game has nothing to it. you fire the guy 3 times and you've seen everything

raven9892002 responds:

fine, think whatever you want, but admit it, those first three times were fun

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2.82 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2008
5:46 AM EST