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Downhill Dash 2

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The second version of Downhill Dash, I tried to respond to what people said to the last one. This involves better levels and different play. Freestyle also has more tricks etc.

Quality: You can adjust the quality at any time using the "Quality" button in the upper right corner. Of course each game plays best in "Low" quality.

Instructions are in the game (each game has different controls).

Note: for reviews please tell me how I can improve this game.

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This is too easy and not any Good bad grapics IT IS CRAP

A Good Game with Issues

This game has a lot of aspects, so I'm going to give a step-by-step review focusing on what you can improve. There are some minor overstatements and terse language since this was edited down to fit,

The Loader is fine, Nice BG image

-Add spalsh visual effect with sound for entering water
-left/right movement of line should only be underwater
-Reel-in sound when pulling up text
-Rocking motion for text when it exits water
-Entire page should link to your site

Main Menu
-Nice mouseover on buttons.
-Sawfish Design image colors, too fall/halloween for winter themed game.
-Music loop very short doesn't flow (cut off late?) Better to use a longer sound file than allow this. Can get creative with the loader if need be if worried about the file size.

Freestyle Game - Trick Style
-Love the achievements, only wish there were more of them! Fourth trophy handle is blue on the far right. Trophy SFX nice would have liked both effects on last.
-Standard for each seperate trick be counted individually when done in combination w/ a multiplier applied to the entire value of the trick (THPS) May also avoid problems w/ continuing combinations after grinds.
-May want to wait a second to verify trick completion, and give info on failed tricks
-Maybe add grabs?
-Grind bars hard to hit, make longer?
-Extend level so player can try to land their last trick
-Music problem again. Also level music must be longer than menu music
-Grinding sound effect needed, good gfx effect though
-You can grind up base poles.
-The map is a little off, everything comes up sooner than it seems it should.

Scaling down the map images horizontally should help. Some other issues about where the player is represented. Really nice feature though, very useful.
-Since you don't control the player through quarter turns, the controls seem sluggish but it adds to simplicity of control.

Freestyle Game - Levels
-Should be Level Style for consistency
-Nice to have a difficulty aspect somewhere.
-Needs some sort of rewards, such as checking off levels completed (minimally)

-Different subgames need different music
-Consider a smaller font to fit more information on screen (controls first)
-White BG reference here refering to no horizon line? I think what you did works very well.
-Needs rewards, especially for 50 gates. Suggest a system similar to freestyle-

-I understand the tree issue, a rustling sound effect would be a good minimum. You may want to use collision though for consistancy with racing.
-Clever design in that you can't hit a tree if you hit every gate.
-Some gate configurations are bordering on impossible.

-Typo, opponet vs opponent
-Scoring, it's not really clear how you earn points, a real-time point display would be helpful.
-Arrows, they increase speed also? Not mentioned in instructions & no speed indicator.
-The enemy is really fast. It seems sometimes they can go faster than you. In any case need a stronger reward for beating them (trophy, etc.)
-Tree collision sfx needed.
-Consider implementing stunts on some level for consistancy, maybe +speed
-You would never want to go any speed other than as fast as possible. Eliminate the speed controls and autoaccelerate player to max.

-Consider just one listing (such as created by) for major functionality instead of double-crediting. You may want to use your name also, but thats a matter of preference (ex: name - company)

Menu Design In General
-Good in that you kept consistancy between different menus (Back/Menu, Play layout, color choice, screen layout.)
-Color chose not ideal, but it's tricky. Yellow-Green colors usually bad.
-Consider spliting the screen horizontally instead of vertically when using a lot of text.
-Put key information first namely the controls.
-Add retry option for efficeincy.

-Adding a countdown based bonus timer is a nice way to add some time pressure without enforcing any kind of time limit.

Overall a good game with a few issues. (Most seriously the sound.)


dude this is not the game somebody is looking for ;(


hey i liked the game idea and stuff the graphics werent great

i had the same problem as bozyz the background was white
i couldnt really see all the details and stuff because of that but it didnt seem horrible

Sawfish responds:

I'm really not sure what people mean by a white background. The snow should be white but the background should be blue.

Just read some of your reviews....

....and I think the prob might be you need more detailed instructions. I , on the other hand figured the controls out and found this to be a very fast moving game with a lot of versatility. Great job.

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2008
3:24 PM EST