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Updated According to Reviews

It is suppose to be short... cause it is a short.

A Geek Sings To his girlfriend about their true love, and what it means to him.

A cute song from "Songs To Wear Pants To"

Enjoy... vote fairly, and review.

- Darx

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Nice guitar hero guitar lol. The animation was good and smooth. Next time you should have him doing it to a guitar hero song lol.

awwww... next he'll propose

Nice... The animation was good too



Nice short and sweet.

The graphics were pretty good, I can see you added a background, or so I remeber.

The audio was great, a nice little song, and nice synching.

Overall it was really good, just a little short, that's all that's the only complaint

=Review Request Club=

Pretty Short

The music in this was pretty nice an everything and kind of fit with the look of the person singing but there could have been a little more, the drawing was nice and such, but not a great deal happend. Maybe some background animations or stills of what was being said in the song, just to give the viewer a little more to see when they are watching this.

I don't mind it being short but I just feel there could have been a little more happening in this flash as a whole. Still, not too bad overall in terms of sound and the drawing.



= Review Request Club =

You could have done better I think

It's nice, the way the singing guy moves with the shade and the trees look real good. The guitar hero controller was funny. but, the girl looks not as good as the other stuff, like you were in a hurry making it. And that, I think, is the reason for the shortness. Good job though.


Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2008
7:48 PM EST
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