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I am the Reaper

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Edit: oh and so you know i think its to short lol ok cya

ok this i think is one of my nicest animations yet, it a short poem of mine that i wrote a few months back about the grim reaper, only problem i found was that it was a little hard to here some times and the poem was a little basic in the ryhme sceam, hope you enjoy it though

oh and i know most religions dont even have a grim reaper anymore and it has a few religious views in it so dont get affended or any thing please if you are dont lower my points just send me a comment on the pm thing and ill try not to affend you again

also you might recognize some of the images, i looked them up pics on the web and in books and stuff so after all this crap hope you enjoy it

wait one more thing if for some reason ( i cant think of a reason why but) if this get blammed can some one tell me why ok cya

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I'm going to be honest. I heard this in my first moments of sorrow and dark thoughts.
It made me feel a bit more alive (something oposite it shows)

That was pretty good but the speech was a little hard to understand at points due the music. You did very well making this nonetheless so great job!

Very creepy and yet beautiful poem.
That was very good! The animation was awesome. This video is very nicely done. The clips suits the words of your poem very well. You did a great job with this. And the music... just PERFECT!!
You should do more. You have great talent and skills in animation. :o)


its dark mysterouis and creepy thats the good part heres the bad theres nothing wrong with it i luv it your poem is great

great poem

nice animated and a realy good poem.
like the subject and the way you show it.

Jestercap13 responds:

thanx, i think i might redo this one at some point with better drawings and animation and all that, but glad you liked it, its one of my own favorite poems of mine, lol.