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SRM Transformers 2!

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EDIT: Front page? Niceness! Thanks everyone!
W00t, over 25,000 views! Thanks everybody, yet again!

At last, the sequel to the front-page winning SRM Transformers is here!

I've been working on it on and off for a month straight - whether I was just drawing out character designs or doing the laborious transforming animation for BRAWL (over 3 hours to do one second of animation)

I took a bunch of viewer suggestions from the first one in - subs are in and SOUNDWAVE is no longer purple (he was in the comics, eh)

Regardless, it's finally completed. It's about as long as the last one, and the credits at the end are a little different (should stay consistent, like a TV show) but they're worth watching too!

Anyway, hope you guys like it - I know how much everyone loved the first one!
And leave a review - I respond to all of em!
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This was hillarious!

I remember watching transformers when I was young and thoroughly enjoyed watching these. Beast Wars was retarded, glad to see you poked fun at it in both of your flash parodies. Keep up the good work.

Battosai810 responds:

glad you liked this one too - Beast Wars was silly, gotta admit, but it was still Transformers - nowhere near as good as the original though. anyway, thanks for the review!


HE'S GONE BERZERK.......... SHUT HIM DOWN............ hey guys *BANG* lol funny stuff man funny stuff

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you liked it!


Loved it! Especially Starscream getting shot. Again, if you ever get bored with this I hope you turn your attention to Beast Wars. Or even the movie. You know, since Rodimus Prime isn't all that cool.

Battosai810 responds:

I concur - Rodimus is nowhere near as cool as Optimus.
Might tread some movie ground sometime soon - Beast Wars probably isn't enough for me to do a whole episode worth, but definitely good for more one-off jokes and such.
Anyway, glad you liked it!


can i have your autograph?
seriously even though you have only made 2 episodes so far, they are both hilarious, 'specially starscream, hehehe

Battosai810 responds:

glad you like this series so much, I'll be sure to continue making episodes, at least for a while!
just remember I've got some other toons that need love too :)
thanks for the review!

So Boss

This was an awesome rendition. Very original...it almost inspires me to do one to. I like the way you had prime go, "What Transformers that actually Transform."

Woooootnesss.... please make more

Battosai810 responds:

i plan to! glad you liked the toon so much :)

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Feb 29, 2008
7:07 PM EST
Comedy - Parody