SRM Transformers 2!

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EDIT: Front page? Niceness! Thanks everyone!
W00t, over 25,000 views! Thanks everybody, yet again!

At last, the sequel to the front-page winning SRM Transformers is here!

I've been working on it on and off for a month straight - whether I was just drawing out character designs or doing the laborious transforming animation for BRAWL (over 3 hours to do one second of animation)

I took a bunch of viewer suggestions from the first one in - subs are in and SOUNDWAVE is no longer purple (he was in the comics, eh)

Regardless, it's finally completed. It's about as long as the last one, and the credits at the end are a little different (should stay consistent, like a TV show) but they're worth watching too!

Anyway, hope you guys like it - I know how much everyone loved the first one!
And leave a review - I respond to all of em!
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ha ha ha

alsome! i loved it!

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Battosai810 responds:

Good to hear!

Wonderful, man! Just wonderful!

Remember me from when I reviewed your first one! I'm back! (O Noes!)

I personally think that this flash was ALOT better than your first. Not only did you have much better animation, but you had even funnier jokes!

The animations were about two to threefold better than the first SRM Transformers. That, in my opinion, is wonderful. I think the effects and movements were excellent, besides the fact the arms are still static! D=

The jokes were hilarious. I realize now the "Hai Guyz" is basically someone saying "I'm gonna get hurt", and it's HILARIOUS!! The jokes are well timed and in a good order. I must admit, my favourite line was... "Woah! A transformer that actually TRANSFORMS?!" That was epic! You definately have the humour factor in there.

The plot is unoriginal, but who cares? It's transformers.

The graphics are hilarious. The way they are made like talking balls of metal (in my view) just makes the jokes THAT much better. Not to mention that tank looked awesome, before it got WTFPWN'D.

Overall, I have to say that you have vastly improved on your flash skills. Sure, it may look the same to a few, but not to me. You have done a great job, Battosai810.


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Battosai810 responds:

That's a great review man - means a lot when people take the time to write their thoughts out :)
Thanks for such an intensive review, I'm glad you liked it as much as you did, and found it so much better than the first. Brawl might be back and looking cool in the next, I'll tell ya when I get to writing it lol.
Anyway, glad you liked it! Expect part 3 soon!

you gotta love it

i love the way those guys are drawn it just makes it halarious. on a side note i cant beleive they acctually stole the empire state building lol

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you like my style :)
And yeah, they pretty much stole the Empire State building during the second season too...

Fantastic as usual.

Another great SRM flash. Btw where did you get the sound for jebbys "HWAH!" It's something me and all my friends have come to love for some odd reason.

Battosai810 responds:

That's actually Jethro's - I had superlineman01 record his "mario death noise" for me, and I've used it Jebus knows how many times since.
Glad you liked it!




Battosai810 responds:

heh, thanks

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Feb 29, 2008
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