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Update: Thanks Tom for FP and I've taken some measures to prevent "Sticky Key" bugs.
One major cause is experiencing lag while polling for Key presses sometimes misses when you release the key (Thanks adobe for remove the Key class >:[ ) I've improved the key detection somewhat as well as reducing graphical quality at periods of high lag, so this shoudl fix the problem in 90 percent of cases. Thanks for your understanding guys :) )
You will however, still need a decent PC to run this game well...
Hi there again, here's another fresh delivery served hot from the Armor ovens. This one is for you Hard Core itchy trigger finger violence addicts (and according to the newspapers that's every gamer ever :p)
The aim is very simple-
Blast Zombies for experience.
Level up to increase your abilities.
Save some hostages along the way.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
Top that high score board.
Oh... and there's some awesome Elevator Music action in there too :D
Have fun.


I liked it

However many times you may have heard this, the "sticky" key still is active despite your measures. Good Game though, wish there was a plot but I still liked the concept


Like others have said, this is a good game, but glitchy. I started moving up, and couldnt stop until the level was over. Also, there should be insentive to keep playing. For all I know, there is an infinate number of levels. It should be like, you get special weapons if you beat a certaing number of levels.

Also bosses would be nice.

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Would be amazing, but..


-Sticky keys.

-Stuck on walls.

-Hostages weren't picked up when ran over, sometimes.

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Its a good game some of the time but on basically each level my character end up getting stuck moving one way and i get hit and i miss good combos and i cant save the person thats the main thing id try to fix first but if it wasn't for that it would be a great game

nice game

simple game, great control, cool idea having it control simllair to smash tv, but would have loved a larger playing area, i also keep getting stuck against some walls, that's real annoying, fun game though, thanks for the upload, i look forward to died hard 2, whenever you can get around to it thanks, i never can seem to find engough good zombie gamnes, but this goes up there with zombie hunter...

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3.94 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2008
3:52 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional