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Update: Thanks Tom for FP and I've taken some measures to prevent "Sticky Key" bugs.
One major cause is experiencing lag while polling for Key presses sometimes misses when you release the key (Thanks adobe for remove the Key class >:[ ) I've improved the key detection somewhat as well as reducing graphical quality at periods of high lag, so this shoudl fix the problem in 90 percent of cases. Thanks for your understanding guys :) )
You will however, still need a decent PC to run this game well...
Hi there again, here's another fresh delivery served hot from the Armor ovens. This one is for you Hard Core itchy trigger finger violence addicts (and according to the newspapers that's every gamer ever :p)
The aim is very simple-
Blast Zombies for experience.
Level up to increase your abilities.
Save some hostages along the way.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
Top that high score board.
Oh... and there's some awesome Elevator Music action in there too :D
Have fun.

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fun game

This gave me a good amount of entertainment, i enjoyed it and nice effects but most of all it was very fun, nice job, keep up the great game making, i love these kinds of games and the fact you made it a top view it was pretty nice too so nice game here

maybe some enhanced graphics


I could certainly get used to it, but it's not really my thing. It's probably because of how it's hard to fire. I like it more when you can just fire with one button. It's simpler for me. It's still something that's fairly creative. I can appreciate that.

The graphics probably could have been better too. Still, it had zombies. I don't know why zombies would go after a tank. I thought this would be a parody of "Die Hard". I guess it's just the name.

i agree

Kinda easy and a little too monotonous. Some different weapons or more different zombies would be nice. Also the character recovers a little too fast even without upgrading the related skill, I think.


I'm at 200 zombie's I'm lvl 15 and have a Score of 59576 and I almost never get hurt you need to amp up the dificulty but still a very adicting game