Sonic Smash Brothers BETA

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This is my first flash submission on Newgrounds.

Thanks to all of you who have stuck by this project and have enjoyed playing it. Unfortunately I have decided to postpone the completion of this game due to the .fla being corrupted and lack of time due to other commitments. I will make it known here if I plan to ever finish it.

I would also like to address the website featured in the game, this is no longer my website address - it is now http://www.xboxresource.com

I can be contacted on x2i4eva@live.co.uk

It is around 8MB in size so it might take a while to load and apparently according to some, the pre-loader doesn't show up.

However feedback is always welcome - just know that most of what you see here is faulty, the game was still in Beta so I already know most of what is wrong with the game.

Thank you


This game change my life,I can't explain how much I love this!

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How to unlock Characters with cheat codes
hold insert and click main menu
here are the codes
upoverandgone: unlock all characters
milesprower: unlock all stages
chaoscontrol: unlock allstar mode
gimmielives: infinate lives (999)
masteremerald: unlock Tikal and hidden palace 2
sonicboom: In matches CTRL anti gravity
ilike2cheat: Spanning allowed (use number keys)
I love it!:)

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I rate this game as a 2.5/5, basically half, which to me equals: Not good, not bad. Basically a hybrid in between good and bad, and nothing special. This is good for a computer flash game, but overall, not good as a game that's actually enjoyable. The animation is pretty good, not for today, but for 2008 it sure was. Then the music, it's pretty dull. But the main problem is the gameplay. The gameplay is just boring. There's not much you can do, and no character variety at all. All the characters literally do is punch/kick using spacebar. Some of them kick/punch in a different style, but it's just basically the same attack. Overall, this game is just meh.

p.s: And you know what other computer game this is relatable to? Super Smash Flash. It's a much better game. Even Super Smash Flash 1 is better than this. In there, all characters have their unique abilities and attacks, from physical to range attacks. But in this...they're just all the same. And in SSF 2, it's even better because then you can grab, block, use special attacks, and physical attacks.

How This Game Could've Been Better: The animation isn't really a problem since it's from 2008, but better music, and better gameplay. With more options to attack, with each character having their own special abilities. Basically just like a Sonic character version of Super Smash Flash.

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this game is ok

How to unlock all characters

Amy:Complete sionics adventure
Cream:Complete tails adventure
Rouge:Complete knuckles adventure
Shadow:Complete rouges adventure
SilverComplete 10 man ko whith shadow
Blaze:Complete 10 man KO whith silver
EspioComplete adventure whith Sonic tails and knuckles
Mighty:Complete Adventure whith Amy cream and rouge
Super sonic Beat 50 man Melee
Super shadow beat 100 man melee
Tikul(Tikal):beat adventure whith all characters
Best game on computer ever

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4.04 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2008
9:19 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS